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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Apr 15, 2022

Tune in for a deep dive masterclass with Dr. Anna Cabeca on how to reverse Type II Diabetes for women going through menopause. 


Dr. Anna shares the connection between PCOS and dementia, what endocrine disrupters are and why they matter, and how to reduce your risk of diabetes. If you are experiencing weight gain without any shifts in your diet or life, your metabolic health may be taking a hit. Tune in to learn why this is happening and what you can do about it today.


After tuning in to this episode you will learn how to optimize your metabolism, how to get empowered in your health and stabilize your blood sugar levels.


Key Takeaways:


[8:39] Decrease in optimal metabolic health: why this is happening and how to reverse this.


[10:49] Symptoms of diabetes and metabolic health shifts.


[15:53] Dr. Anna shares her personal story with Diabetes.


[23:25] The SAD Standard American Diet and how it impacts metabolic imbalance.


[26:34] Relationship between female hormones and diabetes.


[30:03] How to create strong insulin sensitivity and brain health with ketosis.


[40:37] The simple lifestyle and nutritional tips that can optimize your metabolism, stabilize your blood sugar and reduce your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


[50:35] The impact of sleep on your hormones and tips to adjust your sleep patterns and improve your overall health.


[55:49] The top three marks for you to check within your body.


[1:04] 5 meal plans from the MenuPause book are shared to support menopause.

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Memorable Quotes:

“Two meals, three meals a day in the perimenopause and beyond, is plenty.”

“Menopause is natural. Suffering is optional.”

“It's not just about what we eat, it's also when we eat.”

“If you have diabetes, your risk for cardiovascular disease is two to three times higher.”

“It's estimated that before we leave the house in the morning, routinely, an average American is putting on over a hundred chemicals on their body, and these are hormone disruptors.”