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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Oct 25, 2022

This episode is dedicated to Sierra Haley who lost her battle with cancer on April 13, 2022. May her light continue to shine through in all she touched with her heart and beautiful spirit. Please consider donating to her GoFundme page in honor of Sierra for her family:


On this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, I take a deep dive into breast health issues and implants, talking to two doctors about breast health and one women who survived breast cancer. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s important to take care of your physical and mental health. Diet and sleep are crucial factors in minimizing risk. Avoiding sugar and adapting a keto green can also be very helpful. It’s vital to reach out to others for support and a sense of community. is one organization that helps women going through breast cancer treatment and all the physical and emotional issues associated with it.

When it comes to breast implants, there are definite steps to take if you think your breast implants might be causing some health problems. The first thing to do is seek out an environmental physician, functional medicine doctor or plastic surgeon to assess your implants as well as other health-related factors. An environmental doctor is trained in the science of identifying environmental causes of what might be making your body toxic, and that includes the environment inside your skin.

Breast implants don’t have to be replaced every ten years, but usually the warranty runs out in ten years. It’s a good idea to get them checked every three years with an ultrasound to make sure the implant shells are intact.

Don’t ignore warning signs and pay attention to your female intuition when it comes to breast health. It's important to understand what is happening with your body and to be very proactive in your breast health. 



[4:19] Dr. Kyrin Dunston’s story on getting breast implants

[17:13] Sierra Haley’s story -- a breast cancer survivor diagnosed at 24

[33:25] Dr. Rachel Walker, Dallas Plastic Surgery Center

[34:19] Using fat to modify breasts

[35:43] How breast implants have changed over the years

[37:07] What puts you at high risk for breast implant illness

[37:43] Breast implant illness and correlation to Hashimoto’s disease

[40:32] What role chemicals can play in breast implant illness

[45:56] How to make an informed decision about breast implants

[51:01] Having a ruptured implant and how to deal with it



Happy Sisters (Text “breasties” to 44321 to donate)



“If you're having symptoms that you think could be due to implant illness, you need to tell your doctor that you have implants right away.”


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