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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jan 24, 2023

Today on the Girlfriend Doctor, I discuss inner and outer beauty with Rachel Varga. She is a Double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. After personally performing over 20,000 procedures, Rachel now trains physicians and nurses, across the globe, to perform safe and holistic treatments. In her research, she has discovered some disturbing realities about the technology, products and even the lights you are exposed to in your daily life. In this episode, she provides healthy alternatives to toxic routines in hopes of reducing your toxic burden. 

You may be unknowingly burdening your skin with electromagnetic frequencies that are actually making your blood sticky. Without proper circulation, your blood can not effectively deliver nutrients to your skin and also inhibits its ability to purge metabolic waste. Rachel teaches you how to mitigate exposure by grounding yourself in nature and detoxing from your devices at night. 

Your skin is your body’s final alert system; redness, dryness or puffy skin indicates a deeper health issue. Topical treatments alone will have little effect on these symptoms. If you want to enhance the effects of your skincare routine, getting outside, reducing your toxic burden and detoxing from harmful frequencies will help you achieve natural beauty from the inside out!


[2:30] Red, dry and hyperpigmentation skin is last warning sign of a deeper health problem 

[4:00] Derma rolling allows actives like copper peptide penetrate deeper into the skin

[6:00] Instead of a Gua Sha stone, use your fingertips to energize your face and stimulate fascia 

[10:00] Grounding in nature encourages healthy electromagnetic interactions in your blood 

[11:00] Cut electromagnetics exposure at night with airplane mode and turning off your router 

[12:50] Harmful blue light emitted from laptops, phones and LED penetrate deeper than sunlight 

[14:26] Blue blocking glasses shield the delicate skin around your eyes and improve sleep

[17:30] Pure epsom salt, avocado oil, baking soda and clean bar of soap for a detox bath

[20:00] With any type of autoimmune disease, botox or laser treatments could be too toxic

[23:40] Plastic bottled water introduces dangerous microplastic in your body


Rachel Varga Research

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School of Radiance



“When we’re outside, we’re barefoot and touching a tree, what happens is our red blood cells go back to the state they want to go back to which is nicely bouncing off one another like inner tubes or doughnuts; carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells, to the organs, hello! The brain, the skin, the liver and carrying away metabolic waste products like CO2.”  [10:37]


“The LED’s that are more cost and time efficient, energy efficient rather; they’re actually damaging the skin, not to mention, messing with your hormones and your sleep and also, I postulate, promoting hair loss.”   [13:49] 


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