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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Sep 2, 2021

Dr. Anna talks about turning 55 and the lessons she’s learned along the way. She reflects on how her body has changed and the wisdom she learned from her role models growing up, including a couple powerful insights from her mother, and the unique challenge that is going through menopause while raising daughters going through puberty.

  • [0:25] Dr. Cabeca recently celebrated her 55th birthday on July 28th and managed to do it with her friends and family around her. This experience really emphasized the gift of life to Dr. Anna and made her realize how much you should avoid taking things for granted.
  • [1:30] Aging is inevitable, along with the grey hair and wrinkles that come along with it. The interesting thing is that, despite her age, Dr. Anna has more energy now than she did over a decade ago and is in the best relationships of her life.
  • [2:25] Being 55 is a time of reflection. She has to pace herself and sleep more than before, but after reinventing herself personally and professionally in her 40’s, she is able to have the independence and freedom in her 50’s that she never thought she would.
  • [3:10] The hardest job she’s ever had has been being a single mom, but it’s been a wonderful experience being a part of her daughter’s lives as they grow. Going through menopause at the same time as a daughter going through puberty has been uniquely challenging though.
  • [4:15] What were your dreams as a child? Tapping into that vision can have a powerful influence on your future and the rest of your life. Dr. Anna is not living the life she expected, but one that’s even better.
  • [4:50] Having the time to be there for her daughters has been a big improvement, which wasn’t possible when she was a busy OBGYN being run off her feet.
  • [5:20] Dr. Anna had a number of role models growing up, each of them strong, powerful women. She witnessed her mother in life and death give love everyday of her life and the lessons she learned from her shaped Dr. Anna deeply.
  • [6:05] Your education is something that no one can take away from you and you won’t put your hand out to anyone. Travel is your best form of education. Learn from the languages people speak and the way they greet you. That’s how you get to know culture and understand people better.
  • [6:40] What are you teaching to your children? What will your legacy be?
  • [7:00] Keeping a vision for the future is a powerful gift. At 55, Dr. Anna is able to appreciate the smallest things and understands that she often needs to do less instead of pushing for more.




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