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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Aug 16, 2022

In this week’s episode Ken Swartz better known as “Ken the Scientist” ,chief founder of C60 talks about his revolutionary antioxidant. Ken explains how C60 can be more beneficial than hormone replacement therapy because it helps neutralize heavy metals in your body making it easier for your body to clear them. There are many things we encounter every day that can interfere with our mitochondria function and that affects how we think and feel throughout the day but ultimately it affects our hormones. Although it may feel overwhelming, Dr. Ken is here to assure you that you have control over what you consume which can have a dramatic effect on the toxic burden in your body.


Key takeaways:

[2:50] C60 is one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered.

[4:22] How C60 works.

[11:57] Eating organic for just 2 weeks can reduce the pesticide burden by 90%.

[16:40] How to improve cell to cell communication in your body.

[20:00] How C60 supports the Krebs Cycle.

[22:20] Testing your hormone levels when taking C60

[26:00] For good Thyroid health: remove fluoride out of your diet!

[30:00] Neutralizing inorganic Heavy Metals in your body

[32:35] C60’s can increase your fertility




Memorable Quotes:

“It’s not like hormone replacement therapy where you’re just getting one hormone… What C60 does is it lifts the oxidation burden the cells are under, now the cells operate as they did years earlier and then you kind of go back to a better health but it's your body that decides what hormones are going to be produced.” [10:51] - Ken Swartz

“If we can optimize our cellular function, our cell to cell communication, wow! Everything else gets better.” [15:37] -Dr. Anna Cabeca

“C60 neutralizes things like Mercury Hydroxide, Aluminum Hydroxide into Oxides which your body can grab and get rid of.”  [30:00] -Ken Swartz

“You've got to make sure you have Good nutrition, clean water, reduction of stress, thats huge if its from a physical environment or personal relationships and just avoiding toxins of all kind, if you can.  [31:45] -Ken Swartz



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