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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Feb 17, 2022

Dr. Anthony Youn is a plastic surgeon, bestselling author, and transformation expert who has become a social media sensation building an audience of millions of followers across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. He joins the show to discuss how to take care of your skin and what you can do to turn back the clock.

  • [7:20] Dr. Youn re-invented himself during the pandemic as he found himself having to close his office and not having patients to take care of. He started creating entertaining and educational videos on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.
  • [8:21] Dr. Youn likes the fact that he can treat 20 people in his office in a day, but that he can also help 500,000 people on social media.
  • [11:03] When it comes to the fight against aging, Dr. Youn recommends eating real food, using clean skincare, and looking at actual plastic surgery only as a last resort. As far as best diets for the skin, there isn’t a particular one Dr. Youn recommends following – it’s about consuming what’s best for your body in general.
  • [11:31] There are a few things Dr. Youn suggests everyone does to take good care of their skin and to help turn back the clock: using Retinol or a good anti-aging cream at night, using an anti-austerity serum every morning, and using a sunscreen of at least SPF 30.
  • [13:32] Dr. Youn and his team conducted a test that consisted of them applying simple skin care cream two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night for two months. They found that the participants of this experiment looked about five years younger.
  • [13:54] Here’s what you could do in the morning to be ahead compared to 90% of people: cleanse your skin in the morning, apply an antioxidant serum – like a vitamin C serum after that, and apply sunscreen last. A toner or a moisturizer aren’t necessarily needed.
  • [14:16] At night, it’s important to cleanse your skin to get rid of the day’s worth of grime, oil, makeup, and pollution. After that, you want to apply Retinol or another anti-aging cream.
  • [14:47] Remember: moisturizers aren’t truly anti-aging, they’re just for comforting and hydrating your skin.
  • [15:50] When it comes to seeking and undergoing plastic surgery, it’s important to keep in mind that you have options. If you’re looking at little downtime and not as much cost, for instance, there’s IPL (Intense-Pulse Light). It’s a great way to get rid of spots caused by the sun. Looking for an overall anti-aging treatment? Then, Microneedling is worth looking into. As Dr. Youn puts it ‘You don’t have to undergo surgery with an expensive laser with a 10-14 day downtime to look and feel younger – you have so many options these days.’
  • [18:09] When it comes to the online and medical spaces, there are a couple of things that have left Dr. Youn appalled. The first one concerns people who perform surgical procedures in hotel rooms or other locations, and they do so even if they aren’t doctors. Thankfully, these fake doctors, who have also caused some people to die, are being arrested and put in prison. The second phenomenon discussed by Dr. Youn are some doctors who have the tendency to add surgery after surgery, and have operations lasting eight, ten or even more hours. This is a situation that is starting to become dangerous.
  • [19:40] In his approach, Dr. Youn has limited any operation to about five hours because, as he says, safety has to be the top priority.
  • [20:31] There are different categories of anti-aging ingredients that are most commonly used when it comes to skin care. There are retinoids – derivatives of vitamin A – for example, and there are growth-factor based creams or peptides.
  • [22:55] One thing that’s important for you to remember is to try to identify and avoid triggers. For some people this could be heat, for others alcohol, or coffee. Everybody is different.
  • [23:59] People can get overgrowth of bad bacteria on your skin, just like they would get it in their gut.
  • [27:19] As far as antibiotics are concerned, Dr. Youn acknowledges that there’s a challenge plastic surgeons face when it comes to their risk-benefit ratio of their operations. In some cases, antibiotics are overprescribed. But it’s important to be aware of the fact that antibiotics aren’t found only in the medical space. Research in the food service industry, for instance, has found that there can be antibiotics as high as 70% in food given to animals.
  • [29:45] Some facts about Dr. Youn: fat injections, fat and back grafting are among his favorite surgical procedures. He enjoys smoothie bowls, a glass of wine here and there, and a beer once every few months. He plays tennis and is a huge fan of yoga. In his downtime, he enjoys doing creative work like writing and brainstorming video ideas. As for sex, he considers himself a traditionalist, picking missionary as his favorite sexual position.




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