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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jun 3, 2022

On this week’s episode of the Girlfriend Doctor Show, we had a conversation with the founders of Kenetik, Devon Price and Peter Bayne. On their journey of finding a sustainable diet and exercise regime, they tried the keto diet and found that ketones were the key to sustainable and healthy energy levels and mental clarity. But as we know, keto foods don’t always taste the best so Devon and Peter decided to take matters into their own hands and produce this effective and tasty ketone drink!

In this talk, we discuss the many benefits that come from ketones and how they can help with curbing the appetite, intermittent fasting, and how ketones can prevent and possibly reverse Alzheimer’s and other serious neurological diseases and illnesses. Kenetik has now been tested by many groups of people and organizations and many have seen positive results in their daily routine, especially in their fitness regime.

In this vast culture of consumerism, we consume things that are not healthy at all and actually cause harm to our bodies so a drink like Kenetik that is sugar-free, doesn’t break fast, enhances our energy levels, as well as balances out our mood receptors, is a home run for me. I for one love the drink, and now, viewers of the Girlfriend Doctor can get 50% off their first purchase with the code, DRANNA50 at! Tune in to find out more about this ketone drink that changes the way we see keto!

KEY TAKEAWAYS (with timestamps): 

  • [9:05] The magic of ketones
  • [12:56] The benefits of drinking Kenetik in the mornings and before and after a workout
  • [19:21] How ketones can reverse and prevent Alzheimer’s and other mental disabilities
  • [32:18] What new innovations to expect from Kenetik
  • [37:27] The effects of drinking sugary sports drinks



  • “What a ketone is, is one of the questions you asked and it is when you run out of carbs and glucose in your system, you start converting and using the fat that you have stored up… that converts into a ketone called BHP.”
  •  “Once that energy unit is produced, your brain absorbs it, your muscles use it, your heart uses it, it has all sorts of triggering mechanisms that help with cellular regeneration.”
  • “Drinking Kenetik before and after a workout not only helps to perform better, keeps your mind in the game, keeps your body going for longer, and also helps to recover between workouts.”
  •  “As we were testing products, we’re definitely reaching out to friends and family and one of the groups I reached out to do a bunch of testing was my mother and her group of friends, and all of them loved the product.”
  • “All of them talked about how much energy it gave them, and how it helped with intermittent fasting. They range in age from 55-68.”
  •  “One of the things we have coming out is Kenetik concentrate, which is a concentrated version of our ready-to-drink product… it’s easy to have in any existing drink you have or to pour into your favorite bubbly water flavor.”
  • “We found that body weights when you’re having a ketone supplement, so some of the bigger guys like Devon and I need a bit more of a dose.”
  • “In sports drinks, there are endocrine disruptors in there so when I was introduced to your product, I said okay, this is the first one that I can really get behind, and then again, it tastes good… But thinking about those sports drinks, this can really substitute for athletes that are thinking about Gatorade.”
  •  “A lot of pre-workout drinks are just loaded with caffeine too… a lot of it is a complete overdose of caffeine which is just terrible for you because it elevates your heart rate so much and just wears you out immediately.”