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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Feb 10, 2019

A staggering 80% of women across the world will have noticeable hair loss by the time they’re 60 years old. Hair loss can affect our appearance and confidence, but perhaps more importantly, it can indicate some underlying health issues or nutrient deficiencies.

Today’s guest, Dr. Shel, is an expert in women’s hair loss and dedicates her life to supporting women through their hormonal changes.

Dr. Shel is no stranger to hair loss. When she had her second child in her 30s, she noticed some postpartum hair loss. It was important for her to find the cause of it -- and it was her research that led her to help other women.

Dr. Shel works with women all over the world to help them have their best health, both inside and outside. She recommends a consistent vitamin routine to promote hair regrowth and support hormonal balance. She also has courses and e-books designed to help you gain control over your own health.

Today, we dive deep into women’s hair loss, which affects over 56 million women in the United States alone. Different phases of hair loss require different treatments, but overarching this is a positive approach to your health and nutrition. We also talk about what technologies and surgeries are available when you’re just not sure what else to do.

Are you starting to lose your hair? Do you know what nutrients you need to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and vibrant? How often do you wash your hair?

In This Episode:

  • Why women experience hair loss after pregnancy and in their 40s
  • What the different phases of hair loss are
  • What you need to look at from a nutritional and health point of view to help support your hair
  • What nutrients are vital to help promote healthy hair and whether or not we should supplement for these
  • What technologies are available to help hair regrowth
  • Why the last resort should always be grafting and other surgical approaches
  • What PRP is and why it’s important for hair growth
  • What the best hair products are for hair growth and health
  • How often you should really wash your hair


“80% of all women will have noticeable hair loss by the time they’re 60.” (1:36)

“Low-level laser therapy has been around for decades for hair regrowth.” (14:47)

“When you combine the laser with the nutrients with balancing the hormones, the results are just incredible.” (18:12)

“Let’s try the natural route first. Let’s try to eliminate what may be causing the hair loss first instead of just putting a Band-Aid on it.” (24:54)


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