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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jun 2, 2020

Are you doing everything you could be to make sure your immune system is working at it’s best? I’m joined by Dr. David Jockers to talk about what we can do to improve our immune system and overall health and well-being.

About Dr. David Jockers

Dr. David Jockers is a doctor of natural medicine, a functional nutritionist, and a corrective care chiropractor. He runs one of the hottest natural health websites in which has gotten over 1 million monthly visitors and his work has been on popular media such as the Dr. Oz show and Hallmark Home and Family.

Dr. Jockers is the author of the best-selling book “The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough” by Victory Belt publishing and is a world-renowned expert in the area of ketosis, fasting, and the ketogenic diet. He is also the host of the popular Dr. Jockers Functional Nutrition podcast.

On this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, David explains how going to bed early and avoiding overstimulation in the evening is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your immune system. In the same vein, David talks about why we actually shouldn’t be working on anything other than relaxing after 9 pm. 

We talk about why our bodies release more glucose when we’re exercising and how this can mimic a rise in blood sugar. But actually, this is a way better way to feed your body the glucose and energy it needs. David shares how the modern American diet is actually very bad for our immune system as it raises the artificial glucose levels in our bodies. 

David tells us what we can first thing in the morning to help improve our digestion and ignite that inner fire. He also explains how eating or drinking bitter food can improve our digestion throughout the day.

David shares some of his favorite supplements to take for an improved immune system and digestion. He tells us exactly how much Vitamin D3 we should be taking every single day, whether we’re spending time in the sun or not, as Vitamin D3 is one of the most vital vitamins our bodies need for optimal health - and it’s one that we don’t get nearly enough of.

David explains how we can become Keto-adapted over a period of weeks which helps avoid that dreaded keto-flu we all fear. He also talks about the role of bile in our digestion and why so many women tend to have gallbladder problems as they age.

Finally, David gives us some wonderful tips on how we can self-diagnose our stomach issues at home. Not only this, but he also shares a recipe for how to naturally reduce gallstones with his all-natural drink.

How are you taking steps to improve your immune system during this health crisis? Have you adopted a keto-green way of eating for your overall health and longevity? As always, you can ask me anything and let me hear your thoughts in the comments on the episode page. If you have questions, email


In This Episode:

  • How going to bed early and prioritizing good sleep will improve your immune system
  • Why our bodies release more glucose when we’re exercising
  • How the modern American diet can reduce your immune system
  • Why you shouldn’t have goals after 9 pm
  • What some things you can first thing in the morning to improve your digestion
  • Why you should eat or drink bitter-tasting food every single day
  • What supplements you can take to improve your immune system
  • What the ideal range of Vitamin D3 is
  • How you can get Keto-adapted
  • What role bile has in your digestion
  • What are some ways we can self-diagnose our stomach issues


“Your brain and your heart are the two most saturated organs with mitochondria so they need that CoQ10.” (32:31)

“If we’re not producing stomach acid, effectively, then we’re not going to get a good bile release. That can be a big issue.” (49:58)

“Take some activated charcoal. Take 500-1000mL of activated charcoal about 30 minutes before a meal, particularly high-fat meals, and it will get in the gut and sit in the gut. It’s like a catcher’s mitt, it will grab up excess toxic bile. If we don’t get rid of the toxic bile, our body will actually recycle and reuse it. So we actually need to get the bile out through the feces and charcoal will help grab and bind to it.” (55:24)


Resources Mentioned

How to beat gallstones naturally with the all-natural bile flush drink!

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