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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Sep 8, 2019

How we feel towards our bodies and our loved ones can actually impact the health we have inside. Love is medicine; feeling love increases our oxytocin and helps keep cortisol in check, so our stress levels don’t contribute to the heart or other diseases. Razi Berry is a naturopathic doctor who focuses on the way love impacts our health.

When Razi was a teenager, she had a severe eating disorder that was causing her heart to stop working. She knows the exact moment when she started to heal: her mother and brother were surrounding her hospital bed and telling her how much they loved her. It was that love, and love she felt for them, that told her body it was time to heal.

Razi found herself asking the question “where does healing come from?” often after she was healed. And now she believes that as a society, our lack of love and empathy for one another and ourselves are contributing to chronic and incurable diseases. 

As a society, we have a disconnection from nature and Razi encourages everyone to spend more time outside. Also, we should strive to become more self-aware and connected with nature, so our bodies will start to reattune and heal from the inside out.

Razi shares a couple of techniques that help you reconnect with your body and feel the love. She explains how a body scan works and why you should do them regularly. Plus, she gives some examples of how power poses and various playful practices can heal the body and soul.

How is your relationship with yourself and your loved ones? Have you ever practiced using body scans? When’s the last time you spent time in nature?

In This Episode:

  • What the hardest moments in your life lead to
  • How love can heal you
  • What has happened in our current society that leads to more chronic diseases
  • How is how we treat nature connected to our health
  • What happens when we have a disconnection from nature
  • How can you become more self-aware and connected to nature
  • What a body scan is and why you should practice them regularly
  • How play is a healing power for the body and soul


“The naturopathic philosophy is one that says ‘the doctor doesn’t heal you, healing comes from within.’” (7:55)

“It’s not just about love and relationships, but it’s about how these resources of love, in yourself and your relationship with nature, your environment, and each other are really the medicine that we need to get back to healing.” (10:02)

“If we don’t know how to love ourselves, how to listen to ourselves, then that’s how we stay stuck in these patterns that take us away from our health.” (13:54)


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