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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jun 27, 2022

On this week’s episode of the Girlfriend Doctor Show, I had a very special conversation with infrared light specialist, Connie Zack. Connie is the co-owner (along with her husband) of Sunlighten, the manufacturer of the first saunas to offer near, mid, and far infrared technology. Her background is in executive marketing for Procter & Gamble’s pharmaceutical division, so it was very interesting to hear how she shifted from that to selling saunas.

In this talk, Connie discusses what events lead to her becoming interested in infrared therapy and saunas, the many benefits that come from saunas and infrared light, how sweat can detect more toxins than blood or urine, and much more. Her products are on sale right now, and viewers of this show can receive up to $600 off her products!

The infrared light that beams from the sun is so very important but not many can have the time to go outside when there’s light to absorb that radiant light, so these types of products are essential to that crowd. It’s great for our skin, our body, digestion, and for a healthy state of mind. Connie is truly an expert on this stuff so I highly recommend you tune in to find out how these products can serve you and your family.


[2:40] How Connie became involved with infrared sauna and other bio-hacking methods

[9:33] Science behind infrared light therapy

[15:00] Sweat can detect more toxins than blood or urine

[21:42] Best time of the day to go into a sauna

[23:25] Specials and discounts for listeners



  • “For me, it really helps with the mental aspect… I’m doing something very good for myself and I’m taking care of myself and when I’m done, my head feels clear.”
  • “There’s scientific data that shows sweating releases… you can detect more toxins from sweat than you can blood and urine.”
  • “There was a study done years ago that showed people tested their bodies for mercury in their blood and urine, but then they tested their sweat and they had significantly more mercury released through sweat. And there was a lot of people who had zero mercury in blood and urine.”
  • “But if you’re just new, you’re getting started and detoxing is your thing, far-infrared… you need to get the highest quantity of far-infrared as possible.”
  • “That’s what makes sunlight so special. You can’t get more far-infrared into your body than with the sunlight and sauna… you can then start to add other wavelengths.”
  • “What I loved about the lumineer is when you travel and go places in your car, you can’t always have your sauna with you… you can take with you. There’s four different heads.”