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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Apr 27, 2022

On this episode of the Girlfriend Doctor Podcast, we had a delightful conversation with keto guru, Ben Azadi. Ben is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, author, and founder of Keto Kamp. He shares his journey coming from being a depressed, obese 24-year-old to being a very healthy and extremely successful entrepreneur.  

Our food is slowly losing its quality and we need to be aware of this issue. We can’t just get our nutrients and vitamins from our food like we could’ve twenty years ago, so Ben has solutions for these problems: ketogenic diet. He shares his experience being a vegan and then switching to keto and talks about how he started his course, Keto Kamp, helping people of all ages and sizes achieve physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Very often, people get too fixated on following all the exercises and diet protocols but fail to fixate on the things that feed the soul like hugging and talking to family and friends, going on an adventure, and learning how to live in gratitude. Ben emphasizes the importance of these innercises as well as finding a nutrition plan that works for you individually, because we all have molecular differences in our DNA, even if they’re very slim. Tune in and join to learn the secrets of finding a balance that works for you when it comes to nutrition and inner healing.

KEY TAKEAWAYS (with timestamps): 

  • [1:31] Ben’s start to his journey
  • [9:13] How Ben began his Keto Kamp
  • [12:42] Importance of metabolic flexibility
  • [17:30] Controlling your genes
  • [20:49] Our food’s quality is deteriorating
  • [22:18] Importance of being in a state of gratitude
  • [22:28] Innercising before exercising
  • [26:02] Anti-nutrients and carnivore diet
  • [29:50] Personal stories from clients at Ben’s Keto Kamp
  • [32:13] Transition to keto at an older age



  • “Back in 2008, I found myself to being a 24-year-old obese man, weighing 250 pounds, felt horrible, physically obese but also mentally obese and bankrupt.”
  •  “When I declared responsibility, in instantaneously became the victor of my future and I stopped being the victim of my past.”
  •  “I transition from a vegan/plant-based diet to a ketogenic diet and I started to explore different avenues for that.”
  •  “When we think about the 50-70 trillion cells in this amazing human body, there’s pretty much two energy sources: either the cells are burning glucose and sugar, or they’re burning fatty acids and using ketones.”
  •  “when you force adaption through dietary changes, good cells get stronger and bad cells don’t adapt.”
  • “Being in a state of gratitude, which is Vitamin G; it’s the greatest, most powerful vitamin you can take.”
  • “Dr. Joe Dispenza on hundreds of participants who have gone through his courses and seminars, and he has seen, on brain imaging scans, when somebody’s experiencing gratitude, there’s 1200 different chemical reactions that take place in the body, that puts the body in a restorative anti-inflammatory state.”
  •  “I’ve seen so many people do their keto macros right, their intermittent fasting right, their exercise right, but they’re not doing the inner work and the body doesn’t heal.”
  • “When I’m in ketosis, I feel incredible. Especially if I’m fasted and in ketosis… I think it’s one of the best bio-hacks for any entrepreneur, to utilize fasting and ketosis because it’ll put you into a peak state that almost feels spiritual.”