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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Nov 29, 2022

On this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, we sat down with Dr. Kelly Brogan a clinical psychiatrist turned holistic psychiatrist after witnessing the toll addictive psychiatric drugs had on her patients. The endemic of over diagnosis has convinced many people they are sick when in fact they may just be suffering from their own narrative. If you believe you are a victim it can manifest outwardly as anxiety and depression. You won’t find solace in a prescription but by recognizing your defense mechanisms and reclaiming your power of choice, you may find you weren't actually sick to begin with! 

You are rarely truly victimized in this life, because everyday you have the autonomy to choose your outlook, your location, your reactions and an infinite amount of things that make up your experience. Understanding your desires and consciously deciding  to pursue and communicate them will naturally uplift your spirit. Exploring your sexuality is just a microcosm to the greater dynamic of your life, if you can communicate your needs to a partner you can carry that capacity into every other aspect of your existence, no longer feeling victimized but empowered at every opportunity.



[4:00] Defense mechanisms hidden in judgment, superiority and control

[6:10] Stepping out of your victim mentality

[9:00] Awareness begins in your body

[10:20] The root of all your defense mechanisms 

[12:00] The Existential Kink: Having is evidence of wanting

[15:20] Suffering ends where meaning begins

[18:10] Using your power of attention

[26:30] The dark reality of marketing addictive pharmaceutical

[31:20] Taking radical responsibility 

[36:20] Reclaiming your power of choice!

[38:20] Getting off of addicted psychiatric medications

[42:30] Embracing your femenine desire for a masculine man

[43:40] The paradoxical safety within BDSM

[46:30] Without clarifying the full extent of your desires, there is no consent

[50:00] Getting to the basics of self intimacy

[53:00] The difference between nourishing and satisfying

[56:20] The divine opportunity for eyes open connection








“That was so reflexive I never felt the feeling. That’s the point of defenses, is that they keep you from feeling. Why? Because we imagine and learn as children that this is an existential matter, that those feelings get coupled with literally, life or death consequences.” [10:27]


“If I can find meaning in what I am experiencing, I have a couple degrees of freedom, where then I can begin to play with possibilities that, maybe,what I think may not actually be the full truth.” [15:20]



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