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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dec 20, 2022

Today’s guest is Aimee Raupp, author of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant! She is a fertility coach helping women of all ages conceive. Aimee recognizes a common theme occurring in modern women; stress, premature aging and infertility. Since the 80’s women’s risk of developing an autoimmune disease has dramatically increased so it is no coincidence that women are not only struggling to conceive but are actually entering into menopause earlier in life. 

Aimee’s holistic approach is informed by centuries of Chinese medicinal knowledge. This ancient culture understood just how powerful the connection between mind and body is and treated them equally. What you believe establishes your behavior and every behavior shapes your health. In this episode, Aimee shows you how to be kinder to yourself and your body so you enter into your 3rd chapter happier, healthier and fertile.


[1:00] Undiagnosed autoimmune conditions causing fertility issues

[5:50] Being at peace regulates your immune system 

[7:10] Finding and questioning your core beliefs to a better feeling thought

[10:40] Shifting your thoughts will change your neurochemistry and physiology 

[14:30] Fertility is an extension of your health because it is restorative

[16:00] You have an average of 50k thoughts a day and 90% of them are the same

[19:50] Digestion is more than absorbing nutrition but how you are absorbing your world

[22:40] Healing versus curing 

[25:00] Looking at food as nourishment, enjoyment and energy

[28:00] You need to get to bed before 11pm and sleep at least 7 hours

[29:40] Increase your oxytocin by being kind and serving your community

[34:30] Being present and leave your work at the office





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“Chinese medicine always wants to look at it from this emotional perspective so it’s like; where are we attacking ourselves, not just on that physical or cellular level but on that emotional level and how are we aligned with ourselves?”  [2:15]

“Your beliefs really do dictate your behavior and your behavior dictates your health.” [7:35]

“By the age of 40, 1 in 8 women will have an autoimmune disease in the United states and another interesting statistic is that autoimmunity has quadrupled since the 80s and affects women 75% more than men.”  [21:40]

“Drinking doesn't impact your body as negatively  as lack of community does.” [30:40]


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