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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jul 26, 2022

In this week’s episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, I wanted to share my personal experience of my own “dark night of the soul”. After testing positive for COVID on a recent trip with my girlfriends;  in isolation, I had the rare opportunity to reflect on how blessed I am as a mother. Initially, I felt fearful, but I am making today’s episode to remind you that all the love you have poured into your children will blossom and that because of that there is nothing to fear. There are so many things beyond our control attacking our mental and physical wellness, so do not allow  stress to deplete your immune system. Remember, happiness and Health is your birthright.


Key Takeaways

[2:06]  The shock of testing positive

[3:30] Isolation 

[4:30] Acknowledging the effect stress has had

[5:20] Finally alone and the fear of death

[7:15] What you pour into your children, blossoms. 

[8:20] A wave of pride

[9:50] Immune protocol

[10:30] Counting my blessings

[12:18] Self care is Selfless 

[13:40] Happiness and Health is your birthright


Memorable quotes 

“At that moment, I realized,  that like a waterfall flowing over me, that my kids are great and they will be. They have the skills and resources of the knowledge of what is most important in life and most importantly, yes, they have each other.”  [6:50]

“COVID gifted me time alone to reflect, prioritize and count my blessings.”   [10:55]

“To not let others or stress affect your immune systems, remember when cortisol goes up for a long time, your immune system goes down. Self care is selfless [12:02]

“We have so much life to live” [13:00]

“Each of our journeys are different but know this truth ; happiness and health is your birthright.” [13:45]


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