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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

May 5, 2020

I am so excited to share with you all the information you need to know about my newest book, Keto-Green 16, that’s releasing TODAY! Following the Keto-Green 16 plan will help you increase your resilience and willpower, enrich your sense of strength and empowerment, and feel connected to a community of like-minded women on a similar journey.

About Keto-Green 16

In this episode, I’m sharing snippets from my new book, Keto-Green 16! I start by reading the wonderful forward by my friend, colleague, and mentor, Dr. Perlmutter. I’m honored to have had Dr. Perlmutter share his thoughts on Keto-Green 16 for publication.

I’ve been developing Keto-Green 16 using medical studies and reports, personal experience, and clinical trial groups to come up with the ideal way to eat for women in peri-menopause. But it’s not only for women! There’s a chapter dedicated to working with your partner to do Keto-Green 16 together.

I share some of the experiences of women in my trial groups, including one who has had so much energy since starting Keto-Green 16. And she’s not alone, following the Keto-Green way does increase your energy levels.

You’ve probably heard horror stories of getting the “keto flu” when you transition to a ketogenic diet. You’ll be happy to hear that Keto-Green 16 plan won’t actually give you keto flu! This makes getting keto so much more accessible.

But Keto-Green 16 isn’t only about your diet! I explain why you should keep a journal and write in it every day. Included in this ritual is the power of writing out daily affirmations. I keep a journal and schedule writing time every single morning.

Keto-Green 16 can benefit so many aspects of your health, even if you have specific and long-term health conditions, such as diabetes. Personally, my hemoglobin levels have improved significantly since following the Keto-Green way.

Some other aspects of Keto-Green 16 I wanted to let you know about: You’ll get access to a community of supportive people on the same journey as you. Community has a positive impact on your success! I’ve also developed a vegan and vegetarian plan that comes included in Keto-Green 16.

Are you ready to take control of your health? Do you have a long-term health condition? As always, you can ask me anything and let me hear your thoughts in the comments on the episode page. If you have questions, email

In This Episode:

  • How eating Keto-Green 16 can increase your energy levels
  • How following the Keto-Green 16 diet can help you avoid “keto flu”
  • Why you should be keeping a journal and practicing daily affirmations
  • How following Keto-Green 16 can improve your hemoglobin levels
  • How creating a supportive community impacts the results of Keto-Green 16


“We want an increase in Oxytocin. We want an improvement in overall alkalinity and Oxytocin is the most alkaline hormone.” (10:57)

“Yes, in sixteen days we can get life-transforming results. And it’s certainly proven by our group medical visits that have now been run continuously and we are seeing fabulous, lasting results.” (15:28)

“For me, it’s about helping you and helping others. But I know I couldn’t do that without this KetoGreen way in my life. My story is shared in KetoGreen 16 and how I was having brain fog, memory loss, and seemingly overnight weight gain without doing anything different. The KetoGreen Way that I teach has transformed my life and my relationships.” (22:20) 

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