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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Nov 3, 2019

If you’ve been feeling off but all your tests are coming back fine, it’s possible that you have heavy metal poisoning. Heavy metals could be behind many of the diseases and illnesses our bodies have such as digestive issues, weight gain, autoimmune diseases, brain fog, and more. Wendy Myers from Myers Detox explains how you can start to detox from heavy metals to regain control of your health and life.

Wendy was feeling generally unwell through her 30s and was told she had the hormone level of someone in menopause when she was only 37. Instead of immediately going on the HRT her doctor’s recommended, Wendy decided to get to the bottom of why she had this issue in the first place. After lots of internet research, and a few out-of-pocket tests, she discovered that she had heavy metal poisoning, which was affecting all her other hormones.

Wendy thought she was doing everything right. She ate a healthy diet, got lots of exercise, and generally lived well. But heavy metal poisoning doesn’t care about that. Our society is exposed to so many toxic metals - from our cavity fillings to our wall paints and more.

We talk about what testing you should get done to check for heavy metal poisoning in your body. It’s an all-over approach from blood to stool. But what if you can’t afford or aren’t in a position to do all these tests? Wendy shares what some of the physical symptoms of metal poisoning are - and gives the recommendation to take her heavy metals test.

Wendy believes that we need to go through a detoxification process to rid our bodies of heavy metals. But it’s not just about the detox, we need to lead a healthy, organic life to prevent the poison coming back. 

Overall, for our health, we really do need to prioritize removing these heavy metals from our bodies, lives, homes, and diets. Wendy does explain who shouldn’t go through a detoxification process, as it could actually do more harm to their health, but in general, everyone should be able to detox from heavy metals safely.

Wendy’s last piece of advice is to listen to your body. If you’re not feeling well and your doctors can’t figure out why you need to push harder and start investigating for yourself. 

Have you been feeling unwell in ways your doctors can’t explain? Do you use commercial cleaning products? Do you have white marks on your fingernails?

In This Episode:

  • How heavy metals can poison the other hormones in your body
  • How you can have heavy metals in your system even when you live a healthy lifestyle
  • What tests you should get done to check for heavy metal poisoning
  • How do you know if you’ve got toxic levels of heavy metals
  • How you can detox your body to start removing heavy metals from your body
  • What things you can do at home before you work with a professional 
  • Why you need to prioritize removing the metals from your body
  • Who shouldn’t start detoxing to remove heavy metals
  • Why you really need to listen to your body if you’re not feeling well



“Heavy metals can cause almost every imaginable symptom and diagnosis. They can either outright cause it or contribute to it in some way, directly or indirectly.”   (18:04)

“Detoxification is a lifestyle. We are exposed to so many metals and chemicals that you have to be doing something on a daily basis to be thinking about adding detoxification to your already healthy lifestyle.” (27:07)

“If people are trying to do a detox and they just feel terrible, we need to pull back and course correct and do something else. Most people feel great when they detox.” (30:07)


Find out if YOU have heavy metals 

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