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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Sep 27, 2022

On this week’s episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, I talk with Martin Silva, personal trainer, competitive natural bodybuilder and online transformation coach.

When it comes to maintaining weight loss or healthy living habits, many of us get stuck. We might attain a goal but find it hard to maintain that result over time. One of the keys is not changing more than two things at a time, and not going from zero to 100 when setting goals. When you make one or two small goals at a time and stay consistent with those, then the chance to get overwhelmed or fall back on bad habits is minimalized.

It's also important to add instead of restrict when setting goals. For example, in nutrition, add more protein or whole foods to your diet rather than restricting other foods. Eating more protein blunts your appetite, and then you can start replacing sugars and processed foods naturally. Add a reasonable exercise component that’s a little different to mix up what you’ve always done. 

It always comes down to the fundamentals. Be sure that sleep is a priority and devices are not near you when you sleep. Keep a food diary to track your food intake. Looking at the whole process of building muscle, eating more protein, making healthier choices and getting good sleep will have a good effect on the metabolism and help you reach your goals and sustain that optimal health over time. And remember to practice self-compassion and always remind yourself that you don’t have to be perfect.



[9:48] The effect of eating more protein

[10:25] The importance of switching up your training and exercise

[17:06] How to deal with setbacks 

[17:59] The importance of self-compassion

[21:33] Why environment is important

[23:03] Binge eating and binge drinking

[29:04] Benefits of Magnesium L-Threonate

[31:26] Beef organ supplements

[33:02] Using creatine supplements





“The worst program in the world done consistently is going to get better results than a world-class coaching program like mine done inconsistently.”

“When you're aware and you actually shine a light on certain calories and certain foods, you naturally start eating less. This has been proven in research.”

“It’s the whole process of actually building muscle, eating more protein, making healthier choices and having good sleep that has a good effect on the metabolism.”

“Taking ownership for your actions is key.”

“I always say to my clients, your relationship with food really says more about your relationship with yourself than it does anything else.”

“It’s substitution versus deprivation. It is always finding something to replace or to add versus subtract. Because then we feel deprived and for whatever reason, we don't like that.”


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