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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dec 6, 2022

On this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, we sat down with Dr. Campbell and Danny Grannick, two pioneers who are uniting the world of dental and medical care today. Doctors are not trained to account for dental health when diagnosing patients, leaving many people vulnerable to Alzheimer's, Cancer, Infertility and a slew of other complications that are ultimately avoidable. Dr. Ellie Campbell has been working in family medicine for 30 years and is board certified by the American Academy of Integrative Medicine. Like most doctors, she was never addressing oral health with her patients until she witnessed the decline of a patient suffering from an unknown dental infection. Now, her stance is that absolutely no medical team is complete without an oral hygienist on staff. 

Danny Grannick has developed an at home test kit ,using  PCR technology, to give people insight into the microbiome of their mouth. Understanding the imbalance of microbes in your mouth gives your dentist and doctor the information to address infections, prevent further decay and even prevent disease. Dentists and doctors alike are waking up to the reality that our entire body is interconnected and the two practices can no longer remain separate, because in reality they are not. 


[6:00] No medical team is complete without a dental hygienist

[13:00] How Bristle’s oral health testing is changing disease prevention

[19:30] Recognizing the signs of dental diseases and how to address it

[26:00] Why brushing and flossing are not enough to prevent oral decay

[31:30] Identifying the cause of cavities  

[34:00] Safely removing heavy metal fillings 

[36:20] Using Ozone treatment on an infected tooth in order to prevent a root canal

[39:05] Not all cavities need to be filled: Re-mineralizing superficial cavities

[41:20] Understanding your Bristle home test




Danny Grannick:

Bristle:  Promo Code: DrAnna

Find an Enlightened Dentist Near You: AAOSH



“We are an ecosystem and we need to be in balance but our diet, our drinks that we consume, our breathing all affects what happens in our mouth, leading to the epidemic of disease that is identified in the mouth but has symptoms everywhere else in our body.” [7:30] -Dr. Campbell

“Unfortunately many dentists are not enlightened to the fact that these periodontal bacteria can cause diseases outside of the mouth.”[20:05] - Dr. Campbell


“Acidity in the mouth, not sugar, causes cavities.” [23:46] -Dr. Campbell


“The idea is if you do these two simple things you shouldn't get oral disease but we know that’s not true. Even people who do brush and floss twice a day, cavities and gum disease are the most prevalent diseases of the planet! They have been  for the last 30 years.” [26:00] -Danny Grannick


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