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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dec 2, 2021

Your oral health is the gateway to your immune system. Trina Felber talks about how your oral health is directly related to the strength of your immune system, and how poor oral health can lead to a higher risk of heart disease, dementia, erectile dysfunction, and kidney disease. Learn exactly what you can do to have a healthier mouth right now and why you should be avoiding the off-the-shelf oral care products most people use today.

  • [1:55] Good health starts inside your mouth. If you don’t have the right bacteria inside your mouth it causes a number of other issues with your overall health, and your immune system is one of those things.
  • [3:20] People who fail to brush their teeth twice a day may be putting themselves at risk of heart disease and advanced gum disease. Both of which can raise your risk of a fatal heart attack ten fold. Other increases in risk from poor oral health include bad breath, dementia, pneumonia, erectile dysfunction, and kidney disease.
  • [5:10] Your mouth and vaginal health are directly related to the immune system and microbiome of your baby as well.
  • [7:15] Your mouth is your first line of defense. You can transmit over 20 million bacteria with just one kiss. The goal isn’t to get rid of all bacteria, it’s to have the right kinds of bacteria in your mouth. Having an alkaline environment in your mouth prevents the bad bacteria from growing as well as having less plaque and stronger teeth.
  • [8:40] Trina tells the story of a friend who was a dentist whose client was catching gum disease just by dating a guy with poor oral health. Your oral health is directly impacted by those closest to you, so you need to get them on board as well.
  • [10:45] Dr. Anna shares her own experience in reversing the age of her own mouth. Most dentists will tell you that you can’t reverse gum recession, but that’s not true. You just need to address the root cause. Most people brush too hard. Your gums are soft, and when they are bleeding they become an open door for bacteria to spread throughout your body.
  • [14:00] Nitric oxide is a vasodilator and is crucial to heart health. If your mouth bacteria is not healthy, then nitric oxide can’t be produced optimally, so your heart, brain, and sexual organs will suffer from reduced oxygen and blood flow. Your oral health determines if your body can produce nitric oxide.
  • [18:15] Dr. Anna recommends for her patients to periodically check their salivary pH. It can vary quite a bit throughout the day, but it’s a good indicator of the mind/body connection at work. Stress and cortisol will affect the acidity of your oral health.
  • [20:20] If your saliva is unhealthy, everything else is going to suffer. Supporting your oral health will always end up with fresh breath.
  • [23:00] Everything inside your mouth you swallow, and that ends up seeding your gut bacteria. Your mouth is your connection between your gut and the outside environment. If you’re not producing enough healthy saliva, you won’t be able to eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • [24:35] Your saliva should have minerals in it. If you have leaky gut syndrome, you’re not going to have enough minerals in your saliva. This is why mothers often have sensitive teeth or cavities after giving birth.
  • [25:20] If you can heal your mouth, you can heal your gut, which will in turn reinforce and support your oral health. If you’re buying oral health products off the shelf, you are probably sabotaging your oral health by creating a more acidic environment. Just making a switch to other products can improve things dramatically.
  • [27:05] Using natural products is better, but they may not be providing everything your mouth needs to be optimally healthy. The three components for a healthy oral care product is that it’s alkaline, has minerals, and detoxes your mouth. Clay is the ideal medium for optimal oral health.
  • [32:15] There is no point where we can ignore our oral health. People are seeing HPV in their mouth and it is a growing concern among aging Americans. Tenderness and hot spots are the warning signs that you may have an issue with your oral health and is something you should talk to your dentist about.
  • [36:40] Oral health issues are amplified by a poor immune system. Getting to know your body and the health of your immune system is very important.
  • [37:50] Over the past two years of the pandemic, we’ve been unknowingly creating the right conditions to grow the bad kind of bacteria. The LED teeth whitening system not only whitens your smile, the light therapy increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, and stimulates collagen.
  • [41:40] Blue light therapy kills bad bacteria by affecting a particular molecule typically only found in the wrong bacteria and destroying it. Peroxide should be avoided because it breaks down your enamel as it’s whitening your teeth. If your teeth are looking dingy, it’s probably because your enamel is thin and peroxide makes your teeth thinner and more brittle.
  • [46:30] Trina’s system is meant to be a part of your lifestyle. People often do it while they are making dinner or answering emails to make getting it done convenient. The system comes with a variety of products that cover all aspects of your oral health.
  • [51:20] It takes an average toothbrush over 400 years to biodegrade. This is why Trina’s toothbrush is made from bamboo and natural fibers.




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