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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Aug 18, 2019

Grief affects all of us in so many different ways and can come over you at any point, even when you’re not expecting it. For many, grief stems from the loss of a loved one, but that’s not always the root cause. Grief comes from loss -- the loss of a job, business, pet, friendship, relationship, death, and so many other aspects of your life. My guest and friend, Lindsay McKinnon, is talking about her relationship with grief after losing her two sons in a house fire.

The grieving process will look totally different for each individual going through it, but one thing remains static: it will be a long, hard haul. Our culture isn’t taught how to grieve properly, and so many of us feel guilty for trying to live a happy life again.

Lindsay has found happiness after loss by turning to, and now teaching, Qoya, a type of dancing yoga. Grief sits in our hips, and the movement and flow of dancing is not only emotionally enjoyable, helps release the sadness. She writes about how our soul meets the body and talks about creating space for that connection. Lindsay also holds retreats to help people work through their grief.

In this episode, we talk about how grief can come into your life, even when you think you’ve healed from it. We look at the healing process and how this is a journey that is individual to the person. You need to honor the time it takes for you and your body to heal. Grieving the loss of love is natural, but it’s important to remember that the sadness we feel is a reflection of the joy we felt.

How do you handle your feelings of grief? What do you do to remember those you have lost? Do you incorporate movement into your grieving process?

In This Episode:

  • How grief can affect you and come across you even years after a loss
  • How you can heal from tragedy
  • Why you need to honor your time, body, and your own processes in order to heal
  • How you can set intentions to help you step through grief
  • What Qoya therapy is and how it can help with grief
  • What it means to grieve the loss of love



“Our culture is just not really taught how to grieve. We find ourselves in the midst of it and quite often judging how we’re navigating it. Feeling like we should be doing something other than what we are doing or feeling something other than what we are actually feeling.” (2:10)

“What I learned is that the heart can expand. It can include our deepest pain points and our greatest joys at the same time.” (5:57)

“Being present in your body, being physical, incorporating that. Realizing physically what you’re feeling emotionally and where that needs to be worked out physically because our different organs hold energy.”  (14:24)



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