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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

May 16, 2023

Is your lifestyle no longer serving you? Ignoring your biological needs as a woman leads to burnout, dissatisfaction, and a less joyful life. Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we discuss the lifestyle necessary to adjust to the changes of menopause with Dr. Kyrin Dunston. She is a board-certified OBGYN. She realized the education she received as a doctor was not working as her health continued to decline. Her struggle helped her discover a new way to approach health. Now she helps women establish healthy habits to recover from burnout and adrenal fatigue.

Together we uncover why self-education is the key to lasting transformation in your life. Understanding yourself and your needs is the first step on your hormonal health journey. Dr. Dunston helps you get clear on your goals and desires so that you can commit to the changes you need to achieve a life of joy. 

Your body does not care what you think, and without understanding your biological and energetic needs, you won't have the energy to do the things you love. Dr. Kyrin helps you find balance and move into your second spring feeling empowered, energetic, and joyful. If you're ready to learn and take action, listen now!



[1:30] Activate Your Bliss Hormones

[5:15] Hormone Bliss Challenge 

[11:00] Knowledge Activates Action

[13:00] Willful Ignorance in Women Physicians

[18:00] You Cannot Prescribe Away a Bad Lifestyle

[23:00] Crafting a Lifestyle to Avoid Burnout 

[27:00] You Don’t Have to Suffer to Transform

[29:00] How Your Energy Body Works 



Hormone Bliss Challenge 

The Hormone Prescription Podcast

Diet Deceptive Dozen Report from Dr. Kyrin




“Understanding has to come before any meaningful change in your life. If you don’t have that understanding to stand on, you can’t make it.” [11:52] –Dr.Kyrin Dunston

“Your body doesn’t care what you think or what your beliefs are. It has its requirements, and if you don’t give her what she needs then she’s not going to give you what you need. You can try to medicate it away, every which way, but at some point, we have a reconning where we have to decide as women; do I want to go medicated into the night or do I want to take some time out to educate myself?” [19:27] -Dr.Kyrin Dunston


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