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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

May 13, 2022

On this episode of the Girlfriend Doctor, I had a conversation with Dr. Keesha Ewers. Dr. Keesha is an Autoimmune Wellness & Integrative Medicine Medical Provider as well as a Doctor in Sexology. She specializes in digestive and hormonal health, and in this show, she gives us the key tips to reversing and preventing autoimmune diseases, maintaining sexual health, and more!

Dr. Keesha details how unexpressed emotions as a child can linger in our bodies until they are fully purged out of our system. Specific events in our childhood can have a significant amount of trauma related emotion, which can lead to several illnesses and diseases like RA (rheumatoid arthritis), an autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, one which Dr. Keesha was able to heal from, fortunately. As adults, what we think is trauma is much different from what we thought it was as children.

Most kids (Dr. Keesha being one of them) have no idea what trauma even looks like, let alone how deeply it affects our bodies later on in life. Taking the time to focalize on what causes specific triggers in our lives as adults is key to healing the trauma we endured as a child. Dr. Keesha makes it immensely evident that we have to be the parent/protector that we always needed to our younger, inner self. She’s a gem in the world of integrative and hormonal health, so you won’t want to miss this crucial talk! 

KEY TAKEAWAYS (with timestamps): 

  • [4:49] How Dr. Ewers came into her love for health
  • [10:21] Going in-depth on the road to recovery work
  • [17:17] Bonding between mother and newborn is crucial for baby’s development
  • [24:16] Journey in healing from sexual trauma
  • [33:07] Learning how to perceive yourself in a different light
  • [41:29] How sexual health plays into the internal healing process



  • “Auto-immune disease is undigested anger… it’s so interesting. Even the thought of digesting your emotions.”
  • “One day when I was meditating, I started asking this question, oh auto-immune means I’m attacking myself. When is the first time I wanted to die? Because I don’t want to die today.”
  • “My RA was gone in six months and I never took any of the medications. So it’s very powerful, this mind-body connection.”
  • “I didn’t bond with my mom. So I grew up insecurely attached. And then had trauma on top of that trauma. So it’s no wonder, auto-immune disease, right?”
  •  “What that button consists of is the next part of it which is the meaning you make up that goes with this event.”
  • “And this is why a lot of people will do energy work and they don’t get completely healed because this hasn’t been tracked yet. I call this tracking your hurt.”
  • “You have to track this hurt first, that’s the first thing. And then, work on healing that wounding. And so, I start by getting a calm and safe place established in each person’s nervous system.”
  • “You have to become the parent you wish you had at that moment for you, and you heal that attachment internally.”
  • “MenoPAUSE is that place where we get that beautiful opportunity to pause and really take a look at the inventory of our life experiences and really digest them.”
  • “Sexual expression is going to match the flavor of whatever your belief and behavior system you set up in your childhood.”

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