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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

May 31, 2022

On this week’s episode of The Girlfriend Doctor Show, we had a very special conversation with Dr. Margaret Floyd Barry. Margaret is a functional nutritionist, author, and co-owner of Restorative Wellness Solutions. But more than that, she is a master communicator, and she details how she got started on her journey in the world of functional nutrition.

As someone who has studied hormonal health for quite some time, she shares her story of how she got introduced to the world of functional medicine through battling her own autoimmune disease when she was in her twenties and then again in her diagnosis during her 2nd pregnancy. Margaret emphasizes that diversity always rules, so there’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all as far as cures for autoimmune diseases goes.

Everybody’s physiology is different and we truly need to find out what triggers are causing the most disruption in our microbiome. Margaret also details how one should start in the gut when starting their road to curing the thyroid and other hormonal disruptions. Margaret is truly a knowledgeable doctor and the jewels she drops in this episode are some you do not want to miss, so make sure to tune in!


[8:25] How Margaret became involved in her journey with functional nutrition

[21:11] Identifying the triggers for autoimmune disease

[24:55] Digestive process is one of the most moments in our physiology

[27:05] The difference between hypothyroid and hyperthyroid

[32:00] Margaret got her own autoimmune diagnosis when she was pregnant with her second daughter


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“Diversity rules… from the stock portfolio, to you garden, to your gut, diversity rules. And this idea that one paradigm, one way of eating, can support diversity, it’s just not possible.”

“I followed her advice, I took all the supplements (I didn’t have a clue what any of it was doing), I changed my diet profoundly, and within three weeks, every spot of that eczema was gone and it has never come back.”

“Identifying what is constantly engaging that immune system and removing those things systematically. And ill tell you where you always want to start, and that’s in the gut.”

“The vast majority of the immune system lives in and around the gut. Even if you’re that rare person with no digestive symptoms, that doesn’t mean that your digestion functioning perfectly.”

“If you think about it, our digestion tract, basically one big long tube, is still the outside of the body in many ways. I sort of describe ourselves as one very complicated donut, and the giant hole in the middle is our digestive tube.”

“With thyroid, thyroid regulates metabolism and many other things… a hypothyroid means an under-functioning thyroid; that means you do not have enough thyroid hormones to do the things it needs to do.”

“A hyperthyroid means it’s up-regulated, so too much hormone… it can get life-threatening quickly because it can increase heart and blood pressure and things like that.”

“It was quite a moment because I specialized in Hashimoto’s, worked with a lot of women who wanted to conceive… so this was my land and here I was pregnant, getting the diagnosis during a pregnancy, which is unusual because autoimmune sort of goes into remission during pregnancy.”