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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jul 5, 2022

In this week’s episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, I brought you a very special segment on having a healthy vagina, The All Things "V" Masterclass. Our guests in this class include premier women’s health expert, Dr. Betsy Greenleaf, self-professed Kegel Maven, Kim Vopni, aka The Vagina Coach, and CEO of The Integrative Women’s Health Institute, Jessica Drummond. These wonderful ladies have so many more titles but today we all have the hats of vagina health experts on and each of us shares our expertise on this heavily mystified subject.

This masterclass includes topics such as what specific section of pelvic health each guest specializes in, the importance of knowing your own pelvic anatomy, how to treat post-hysterectomy pain, the crucial importance of fluid body and pelvic movement, and much more. We also discuss how likely most women are to experience some form of pelvic health condition and how we can better prepare ourselves for it or treat it if/when it arrives.

This is a very touchy subject so it was very empowering to be able to have this conversation with these immensely knowledgeable and influential women that have seen it all. All of these gals have books, websites, and social media pages that you can visit if you want more information about their area of expertise or if you just want to reach out with a specific question. It was truly an honor to be in the presence of these powerful women. Tune in, take notes, and start taking control of your pelvic health!


  • [0:39] Was a healthy V ever discussed in your home?
  • [12:25] The area of expertise each guest specializes in
  • [17:18] The importance of knowing your own pelvic anatomy
  • [27:27] Post-hysterectomy pain, intervention, and prevention
  • [43:18] The importance of pelvic stretching and movement
  • [51:40] The different kinds of prolapse diagnosis
  • [1:05:05] How to heal or prevent Lichen sclerosis


Betsy Greenleaf:

Kim Vopni:

Jessica Drummond:


  • “Even though our intention is to educate and start normalizing these terms, we can’t because we are blocked in social media because it’s considered inappropriate.”
  • “80% of women are going to have a pelvic health condition at some point in their lives so I’ve been there with recurrent urinary tract infections, recurrent vaginal infections… almost everything I’ve gone through with my patients, I’ve actually gone through myself.”

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