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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jun 23, 2019

Has your thyroid stopped working? An unhealthy thyroid, caused by Hashimoto’s disease or Hypothyroidism, can make you lethargic, overweight, and achy. Today’s guest, Dr. Alan Christianson, is joining me to talk about thyroid health and how his new book, The Metabolism Reset Diet, can help you take back control of your health.

Alan is a naturopathic physician who, like many of us, began his healthcare journey by treating his own problems. Through diet, nutrition, and exercise, he has more or less cured his cerebral palsy, with his last recurrence in 2016. Alan is using his experience and education to help others reset their bodies and heal “untreatable” conditions.

On this episode, we’re talking about what you need to know about thyroid disease. Alan explains what can cause a slower thyroid and what some of the symptoms of these diseases are. He also lets us know what the “normal range” for thyroid health is.

Alan also talks about some of the natural methods of treating and maintaining thyroid health are and what supplements you can take. As with most health issues, eating the right food and taking daily exercise can only be a benefit. We also talk about Alan’s new book, The Metabolism Reset Diet, and how it can help you when you’re struggling to lose weight.

Have you been tested for any issues with your thyroid? Do you struggle to lose weight? Do you know what you should be eating to support your thyroid?

In This Episode:

  • What we need to understand about thyroid disease
  • What are the differences between Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism
  • What can contribute to a slower thyroid
  • What is the normal range for your thyroid
  • What are some of the symptoms of thyroid disease
  • What are some more natural methods of thyroid treatment
  • What are some supplements you can use to support thyroid function
  • What foods should you avoid for a healthier thyroid
  • How exercise benefits thyroid health


“People with thyroid disease are at higher risk for thyroid cancer and thyroid structural complications. Not a month goes by in our practice where we don’t find someone who has hidden thyroid cancer.” (9:55)

“It takes more than hormones to fix our hormones.” (13:56)

“For a subset of people who struggle with weight, the issue is that their liver is not working right.” (16:18)


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