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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jun 16, 2019

In this episode of Couch Talk, I’m answering all your questions about Julva, my all-natural, anti-aging cream for your vulva. I get a lot of questions from women wanting to find a solution to their vaginal dryness and tightening. Women, maybe just like you, who are looking for something to help them bring that spark back to their sex life.

The upcoming Summer of Love Julva Sale is the perfect time for me to let you know all about this product and share some testimonials from women who have been using and loving it! You’ll find out how quickly Julva will start to improve your sex life and increase your sex drive… and as women over 40, we all know this is something important, right?

I’m talking about what Julva’s made of, how I discovered the key ingredients, and how long it took me to create the perfect formula. Julva is made to work for everyone, but if you’re finding it too much, I’ll explain the different ways you can incorporate it into your daily life.

The fantastic thing about Julva is that it’s not just for women - men can use it, too - and you can use it on other parts of your body. We’re also looking at what other pelvic floor exercises and exercisers you can use in combination with Julva to improve your overall vulva health.

Have you lost your sex drive as you’ve gotten older? Do you have vaginal dryness or pain? Are you ready to get back your libido and reignite your passion?

In This Episode:

  • How quickly Julva works to increase your sex drive
  • How you can gain back the elasticity in your vagina
  • What ingredients are in Julva
  • How you can use Julva in combination with pelvic floor exercises to improve vulva strength
  • How you can make your own lubricant
  • What you can do if your vulva is very sensitive
  • Whether or not men can use Julva
  • What other body parts you can use Julva on
  • What other pelvic muscle exercises you can use to improve your vulva health
  • How long it took to create Julva’s perfect formula


“Menopause is mandatory but suffering is optional.” (7:32)

“Julva’s designed to work. Sometimes you need more, sometimes you need less. It’s individual.” (16:56)

“Julva does not contain estrogen. If you are on estrogen, you can certainly keep (and start) using Julva.” (18:06)

“You want perfect results for a long time so you can enjoy your pleasure, connection, and enjoy your body. The freedom that your body gives you.” (19:01)


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