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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Apr 7, 2019

When it comes to the food we eat daily, it’s astonishing to learn how our farming practices have changed so much over the decades. It used to be possible to consume all our necessary vitamins and minerals through food. But now, it’s become a bit of a minefield to ensure we’re reaching recommended daily values and consuming food from sustainable sources.

On this episode of Couch Talk, I’m joined by Autumn Smith, co-founder of Paleovalley, to talk about how she healed her body by switching to a paleo diet. It was almost out of nowhere that, as a teenager, Autumn started showing symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as SIBO and IBS. However, at the time, not much research was done into this area of health, so doctors were stumped as to what was causing her to feel unwell.

As a professional dancer, Autumn was fit, but she describes herself as unhealthy as she gives us a glimpse into what a typical day in her life would have been. But with the help of her husband, she completely overhauled her diet. These changes included grass fed and grass finished beef, plenty of leafy greens, and getting loads of Vitamin C in her daily diet.

In fact, her healthy changes supported her through a wonderful pregnancy and postpartum experience!

Her companies, Paleovalley and Wild Pastures, offer customers a chance to get the highest quality beef and other meat products, supplements, protein, and snack bars that you know will be of the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Through our chat, it becomes clear how passionate Autumn is about the paleo way of life and how this is reflected in her healthy vibrance that exudes throughout this episode.

Autumn tells us what micronutrients she feels are vitally important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and I have to agree with all of her recommendations! We also talk about how exercise is so necessary and beneficial to support your healthy lifestyle.

Do you think about your micronutrients on a daily basis? What type of exercise makes you feel like you’re bursting with joy? How do you prioritize you and your health every single day?

In This Episode:

  • What a day in Autumn’s life looked like before and after she found the paleo diet
  • How you can be fit but unhealthy
  • How you can heal both SIBO and IBS through the paleo diet
  • How to have a healthy, vibrant pregnancy and postpartum
  • Why you need to prioritize yourself
  • How our food culture has changed over the decades
  • Why we should strive to get our micronutrients through food, not supplements
  • What micronutrients we need on a daily basis
  • How you can work an active routine into your daily life
  • What the benefits of yoga are to a stressful life
  • How we can start raising our children with healthy habits


But what I was noticing is I was really fit, but I wasn't well. And it was kind of like my clients, people I was working with, they were working their buns off to look great, but not necessarily energized. They weren't joyful all the time.” (4:55)

“[I had to] prioritize my health in every sense of the term. And that's kind of what it's been like to get me here. [Even now,] it's not like I've arrived. I'm still working at trying to prioritize appropriately.” (9:36)

“Ask yourself, if everything burned the same amount of calories, what would you do? Like, don't listen to me. Go out there and find something that makes you feel like happy in your heart. For me, it's like a little dance party that I never dread. I look forward to it. I leave feeling amazing.“ (28:45)


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