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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Apr 14, 2020

Looking after our men’s health is just as important as our health, am I right, girlfriends? Men’s health specialist, Dr. Anthony Capasso, joins me to talk about the issues facing men’s health care, how we can support our guys, and what they can do to naturally boost their testosterone.

About Dr. Anthony Capasso

Dr. Anthony Capasso helps men reclaim their youthful and energetic bodies by lowering their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk for Diabetes. He specializes in functional men’s health, using a natural approach to medicine with preventative care, age management, and bioidentical hormone treatment.

In this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, we’re talking about the biggest issues facing men’s health right now. Do you know how resilient men’s bodies are? When men make changes in their diet and exercise routine, the positive changes to their health are almost immediate.

Anthony explains that taking statins can lower a man’s testosterone. This is why he prescribes them as a last resort. He shares a few other reasons why men’s testosterone might be lower than our ancestors, including environmental factors and the standard American diet.

For Anthony, focusing on rebuilding the mitochondria is a vital aspect of his approach to healthcare. He talks about how men can stimulate theirs to start improving their health. Anthony also explains why maintaining a regular strength-training routine is important for men as they age.

Finally, Anthony shares some of the ways men can naturally boost their testosterone levels. He believes that diet and exercise changes should have immediate weight-loss results to encourage sustained behavior. 

What motivates you to make a lifestyle change? Ask me anything and let me hear your thoughts in the comments on the episode page. If you have questions, email

In This Episode 

  • What some of the biggest issues facing male health are
  • How quickly making changes in their diet and exercise can impact men’s health
  • Why testosterone levels drop when a man takes statins
  • What the impact of environmental toxicity has on men’s fertile health
  • How you can stimulate you mitochondria
  • Why building your muscles is so important
  • How to naturally boost testosterone


“One of the best ways of slowing your aging down is to focus on mitochondrial health. Diet plays a huge role. I think one of the biggest drivers of mitochondrial dysfunction I see is the SAD - standard American diet.” (17:34)

“As we age, our muscles become very important because they release things called myokines which are these little message regulator hormones that allow our bodies to run the way they should run.” (21:38)

“Healthy guts and healthy diets are the two things I focus on in most of my patients.” (27:37)


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