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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jan 5, 2020

This episode of Couch Talk features an incredibly informative and touching review from Lisa, whom I’ve been working with through my Magic Menopause program and is a big advocate of my book, The Hormone Fix.

Lisa touches on what questionnaires and charts you can find in The Hormone Fix. These will help you track your progress, health improvements and changes, and more. 

I’m also a follower of The Hormone Fix. It’s my way of life that I’ve put together and implemented through all the years I’ve traveled, explored, and discovered what makes the healthiest people in the world the healthiest.

Lisa praises the benefits of my Mighty Maca supplement, saying that she’s had so much more energy while taking it. She also shares how her husband started taking it, too, and he’s had more energy than he’s had in years.

I believe that men can learn a lot from The Hormone Fix. While it’s targeted to peri- and menopausal women, the information contained about hormone health is universal. Lisa and her husband took part in parts of my Magic Menopause program together and he found a lot of benefit from learning alongside her.

What is your sexy, younger you statement? Let me know in the KetoGreen Community with Dr. Anna Cabeca.


In This Episode:

  • What kind of questionnaires and charts you can find in The Hormone Fix
  • Why The Hormone Fix is a way of life
  • How Mighty Maca can help you control your stress levels
  • How men can benefit from The Hormone Fix



“In The Hormone Fix, Dr. Anna takes the mystery out of understanding our hormones and gives practical advice that is simple and easy to follow.” (1:42)

“In chapter 8 of The Hormone Fix, Dr. Anna helps us to realize that stress prevents us from living our best life and she helps us see how we can get stress under control no matter the source.” (3:08)



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