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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Dec 22, 2019

How does eating a diet rich in olives, fish, vegetables, and pasta sound? If you think it sounds perfect, then you’re in luck, because the Mediterranean way of eating is the best out there and perfect for weight loss. I’m joined by Dr. Steven Masley who has researched and written about the Mediterranean diet as a way of bringing health and wellness to America.

Steven explains why the Mediterranean diet is so good for weight loss. One of the biggest factors is the lack of processed food and carbs, like bread. Everything is fresh and low in preservatives.

Another reason why Europeans tend to weigh less than Americans is that their lifestyle is naturally more active than ours. Europeans, especially those living near the Mediterranean, will walk to the market every day for their fresh food. They don’t tend to have large pantries and fridges.

Steven says that this is a reflection of the quality of the food in Europe. Pesticides and preservatives are seldom used, farmers wouldn’t dream of injecting their animals with antibiotics, and consumers expect to shop regularly for their food. Even after spending just a couple of weeks living in this environment, both Steven and I noticed positive changes to our health… that pretty much reverted within days of being back on the standard American diet.

In this episode, Steven shares what Mediterranean food habits you can easily adopt into your diet that will improve your health. Because a lot of these foods are naturally lower in acid, you’ll start to feel better quickly. Lastly, Steven talks about what relationships, sex, and intimacy are like in the Mediterranean region and why people are active late into their lives.

Do you like the light and oily food of the Mediterranean? What would you rate your overall health? Have you struggled to lose weight in the past?

In This Episode:

  • What makes the Mediterranean diet so good for weight loss
  • How a European lifestyle is naturally more active than an American
  • What the quality of natural food in Europe is
  • How quickly dietary changes can impact your health
  • What Mediterranean food habits you should adopt in your diet
  • How a Mediterranean diet is naturally lower in acid
  • How you can maintain a healthy sex life into older age



“In Europe, there’s a general aversion to anything being put on their crops. They have some, like we do, that’s organic certified. But they have a ton that’s raised in an organic fashion that’s not certified.” (18:01)

“The ingredients really do matter. I think that’s a key message, find the right ingredients that taste great, are easy to prepare, and are good for your heart, brain, and soul.” (29:18)

“Adding a Mediterranean lifestyle, yes, it’s great for your health, but the food’s delicious. It’s the easiest thing to do. If you want to bring joy back into your household, your life, and your family, look at cooking, shopping, cooking together, and enjoying meals together. Have a leisurely time and have fun. It’s all about having fun and eating delicious food.” (34:17)



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