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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Apr 11, 2023

Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we discuss herbal remedies for fibrocystic breasts and hormonal health with Magdalena Wszelaki. She is a nutritionist, herbalist, and the founder of Wellena, a supplement and skincare brand that helps women balance their hormones. In this episode, she demonstrates a lymphatic massage and shares herbs that help with estrogen dominance and fibrocystic breasts. 

These herbs have been in use for centuries. Magdelena is dedicated to maintaining the traditions of our ancestors by educating women on simple remedies to help them lead their healthiest and happiest lives. She shares her favorite herbs and how you can integrate them into your daily routine today instead of waiting for a problem to arise. 

The Happy Sisters Masterclass teaches you the basics of a loving self-care routine that will empower you to take control of your hormonal and breast health. Join us as we embrace the ancestral knowledge of ancient herbalism for the modern woman. 



[3:00] Magdalena’s hormonal health journey 

[7:30] The story behind Happy Sisters 

[10:00] Herbs for breast health 

[23:00] Wellena cream for breast pain 

[27:00] Lymphatic breast massage 

[35:40] Five herbs for fibrocystic breasts 

[46:00] Three compounds for fibrocystic breasts



Wellena Sister Kit 




“Within in a course of 3 days a woman can go from a cup A to cup C, in three days because of the enlargement of the breast, but with that comes a lot of debilitating stuff.”  [32:10] -Magdelena 

“It’s energetically a different kind of massage versus doing a self-examination. I feel like with self-examination it’s coming from a place of; oh shoot I hope I don’t find something. Where the energy behind what we are hoping to achieve with Happy Sisters in showing you how to do the massage, is to really come from a place of love and maintenance. Let me avoid problems, let  me take care of my sisters now rather than coming from a place of fear.” [33:50] -Magdalena



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