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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Oct 6, 2019

Reclaim the power of your sexual pleasure and start healing your relationship with my program, Sexual CPR. When I was having trouble in my marriage after losing my son before he was born, I wish I knew about the techniques that I know now. Sexual CPR is helping women and men rekindle their marriage and increase their sexual desire.

In the United States, there is so much focus, funding, and research on men’s sexual health. Women’s sexual health, on the other hand, is sorely lacking in understanding. I’ve conducted my own research and spoken to experts in both men’s and women’s sexual health and created Sexual CPR.

Cortisol is our stress hormone. Ane when it’s raised in our bodies, our oxytocin, or love, levels decrease. This leaves us feeling unloveable and incapable of giving love. But when our cortisol levers are low, oxytocin has a chance to work the way it’s supposed to - letting us feel, give, and receive the love we deserve.

When we learn to reignite our sexual enjoyment, with or without the presence of sexual intimacy, we’re giving ourselves permission to feel happy and enjoy our life again. This not only improves our moods but improves our relationship as well.

In order to get here, you need to experience your pleasure. What turns you on? What makes you happy? Spend time exploring these avenues for yourself, so that you can, in turn, help your partner make you happy. Because the number one turn on for men is our pleasure.

In this episode, I’m going through the content of Sexual CPR and sharing all the incredible experts who have joined me to create this one-of-a-kind program. You’ll learn how to redefine your orgasm, rekindle your sexual pleasure, and reignite your relationship.

Are you having trouble connecting with your partner? How do you define your sexual pleasure? Do you have difficulty reaching orgasm?

In This Episode:

  • How men’s sexual health is a much more funded and researched area than women’s sexual health
  • What happens when our cortisol levels go down
  • What happens to our lives when we ignite our sexual enjoyment, even outside of sexual intimacy
  • Why you need to experience your pleasure, know what turns you on, and know what makes you happy
  • How having happiness in your relationship and sex life has an overflowing effect on the rest of your life
  • What you’ll learn in Sexual CPR
  • How you can redefine your orgasm
  • Why rekindling your sexual pleasure starts with you



“When cortisol goes up, oxytocin, which is our bonding hormone, our hormone of love and connection, goes down. The hormone that gives us the sense and the feeling of love goes down.” (7:06)

“Our bodies are intended for pleasure. Taking the time to experience that is critical.” (14:00)

“The number one turn on for men is your pleasure. What makes you happy brings him pleasure. Your turn on is his turn on.” (15:16)

“Creating happiness on a daily basis gives you the pleasure that fuels you into more pleasurable activities. (18:38)


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