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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Sep 29, 2019

Information is empowerment. The more you know about your hormones and body, the better chances you have with your cancer diagnosis. My guest, Dr. Nasha Winters, is an expert on helping women treat their cancer using integrative healthcare.

At the age of 19, Nasha was diagnosed with a terminal cervical cancer diagnosis. Years of poor medical advice and heavy prescriptions to try to fix her hormonal issues, which started from the tender age of 9, led Nasha to learn how to take control of her own health. Many years later, she’s now helping other women get a positive outcome from their own diagnosis.

In this episode, learn how Nasha recreated balance in her body. She did this through a combination of both integrative and standard healthcare, which at the time was an incredibly innovative and new approach to treating cancer. 

In Nasha’s practice, she insists on taking a series of blood tests that will give her a good overview of her patient’s health and nutrients. She recommends any doctor working with cancer patients to keep a regularly view over their health levels in order to make sure that treatment plans are working.

When you are given a cancer diagnosis, Nasha says there are 5 things to do right away. Even though the first step might surprise you, it makes total sense and will help you on your way to handling your condition. She also explains what happens to our bodies when we take artificial hormones and why this might not always be the best treatment course for women with cancer.

We also talk about what types of cancers are hormonally driven and how you can nutritionally support your body over the years. Finally, Nasha shares how she starts and ends her days with intention and how this nurtures her life and why you should, too.

Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer? Do you know how to support your hormones as you age? How often do you get your vital levels tested?

In This Episode:

  • How you can recreate a balance in your body
  • Why you should consider both integrative and standard care for your cancer diagnosis
  • What blood tests will give a good overview of your health levels
  • What the first step to approaching your cancer diagnosis should be
  • What happens when you take artificial hormones
  • How often you should test your vital levels when you have cancer, but also when you’re going through menopause
  • What types of cancers are hormonally driven
  • How you can start and end your days by nurturing your life



“99% of the patients I work with are coming to me when I’m their last resort. And they’re also coming to me when they’ve already done multiple rounds of standards of care that has, frankly, left them even more broken than they were before.” (16:42)

“Human nature pushes us to other things when we’re really young. I know this, I did this dance for 10 years, thinking it’s done now, go back to the way things were. But you cannot heal from the soil in which you got sick.” (42:04)

“Probably 98% of the women who come to my practice had been on birth control pills, had taken IVF, had been on hormones of some form along the way, and that seems to have clogged their hormonal metabolism.”  (50:31)



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