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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jul 21, 2019

We’ve always been told how important calcium is for our bone health, but did you know that collagen is perhaps even more important? Collagen makes up over 90% of our bones, joints, and skin and is responsible for giving your body structure and strength. Today’s guest, Lillian Zhao, is the founder of Further Foods, a company designed to make natural health easier and more accessible.

Surrounded by disease, Lillian knew there had to be another option to traditional medicine. Further Foods was developed as a platform for food-based solutions to health problems when nothing else was there. It’s a women-founded and women-led business, one of the only supplement businesses run exclusively by and for women.

Collagen is actually incredibly vital for our bodies, especially as we age. Our bodies start to lose collagen as we enter our thirties, so we should be supplementing it from a pretty early age. Not only is collagen important for our bone and skin health, collagen also plays a role in our pelvic and digestive health, as well.

You can get collagen from cows and fish and in this episode, Lillian explains how they use these animals to create their natural supplements. Collagen is also full of anti-aging properties and helps reduce wrinkles, especially on your face. There are other delicious and natural food sources with anti-aging properties, too!

Have you heard of the importance of collagen? Have you noticed your skin health decreasing as you get older? Do you take a collagen supplement? 

In This Episode:

  • Why collagen is so helpful for our bodies
  • How much collagen our bodies lose every year
  • What impact collagen has on our bones and pelvic floor as we age
  • Why you should supplement your diet with collagen
  • How collagen helps your digestive health
  • What natural sources you can get collagen from
  • What other anti-aging food sources there are
  • How you can vote with your dollar for the best products for you as a woman



“Our bones are made out of a matrix. That matrix is 90% collagen and the calcium fills it in. So calcium keeps our bones strong, but when we run, or even walk, all that shock is being absorbed by the collagen inside our bones.” (6:52)

“Collagen is really unique because it’s almost a quarter glycine and you can’t get that anywhere else. Glycine is so important for so many different metabolic processes in our body. And it also helps with the sleep!” (13:03)

“What I think is really unique about our business is that we’ve kept it women-owned and women-run. We know that the majority of our customers are women. And if you think about it, there are almost no supplement companies out there that are women run. We think it’s so important, because ss women, we understand our needs the best. So we continue to design products for people like us.” (17:25)



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