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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Oct 11, 2022

On this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, I look at why algae is so important in your diet, and acts as a superfood. Joining me today is Catharine Arnston, the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of ENERGYbits. She is an expert in algae for wellness in nutrition, beauty, biohacking, mitochondria, and longevity.

Algae was actually the first life on earth 4 billion years ago and is now known to be the most nutrient-dense food in the world. Two forms of algae in particular are considered superfoods -- spirulina and chlorella.

You can take these in a dried pill form but they must be raw algae, dried at low heat for the nutrients to survive. They offer a multitude of benefits -- your hunger will be cut, your energy will be increased and your brain fog will go away. They contain zero carbs, and contain the critical antioxidants that can stop free radical damage in your mitochondria, promoting anti-aging.

Spirulina and chlorella work harmoniously together. Spirulina works in the morning for energizing, appetite control and mental focus, and chlorella works to cleanse, detox, repair and restore during sleep.



[4:15] How Catherine’s sister’s breast cancer brought about exploring algae

[5:15] Why algae is the most nutrient-dense food in the world

[28:42] Why an alkaline diet is so important and how it can fight cancer

[34:38] The role of mitochondria in the body and free radicals

[35:20] The four most important antioxidants in your body

[37:09] How to reverse the aging process with algae




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“When I started the company, it was to really make a difference in the world and people's health. We chose spirulina and chlorella because they are the two nutrient-dense algaes that are around and available and have been grown for 50 years.” 

“One tablet has the same nutrition as an entire plate of vegetables, except you didn't have to carry it home from the grocery store, clean, cook, and eat it. It's instant.” 

“It's the future of fast food because if you can swallow water, you can take five or ten of these spirulina tablets in the morning. Your hunger will be cut, your energy will be increased, your brain fog will go away. It's ketogenic, zero carbs. It's the answer to everything.”

“All the Asian countries, particularly Japan, they don't leave their house without taking chlorella, algae, probably spirulina too. And they're world recognized for having the best longevity, lowest cancer rates, lowest obesity rates, and great skin and hair.”

“The average adult in America now has 800 toxins in their body. But even if you lived in a bubble, your body constantly is regenerating its cells. We have 30 trillion cells and dead cells are toxic. They clog up your lymphatic system.”


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