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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jan 3, 2023

As we venture into the new year, it’s time for our annual Keto Green 16 Day Challenge! Join me and a wonderful group of women, as we embark on this challenge to rejuvenate and balance our bodies. Menopause is a natural and beautiful chapter of your life but suffering does not need to be a part of it! With this 16 day challenge you will track your PH levels, detox from caffeine and introduce a healthy ketogenic diet. I help you understand just how impactful the food you eat is on your health and how quickly your diet can reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. Let this new year bring forth the second spring of your life!



[1:10] Menopause is natural but suffering is optional

[3:20] Community and accountability are tools of success 

[4:50] Symptoms of menopause from different cultures around the world

[6:30] Dietary changes can curb hot flashes because they are symptoms of insulin resistance

[8:10] The Keto Green 16 Challenge!

[10:00] Increasing Urine PH reduces your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

[12:30] Eating greens to balance a ketogenic diet because it can be very inflammatory

[17:20] Prep week starts on January 2nd!

[22:30] Drinking too much liquid with your meal can dilute stomach acid 

[26:00] Experiencing the second spring of your life naturally and empowered 

[28:40] Ending the challenge with fasting!



Keto Green Challenge:

MenuPause on kindle:



“Hot flashes are associated with low hormones, low estrogen but hot flashes are a symptom of, in my opinion, insulin resistance.” [5:30]

“The more alkaline your urine Ph is the less risk of diabetes, less arthritis, less osteoporosis, less cardiovascular disease and we know that because alkalinity is more peace, repairing and regenerative.”  [10:30]

“Alkaline water is typically mineral rich water and that’s what we want but between our meals not with our meals.” [22:59]


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