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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

May 9, 2022

On this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, we had a conversation with the lovely Teri Cochrane. Teri is the CEO and Founder of the Global Sustainable Health Institute. But more than that, she is a international thought leader in longevity and some would even call her a “spiritual scientist”, and if you tune in, you will find out why!

Teri and I discussed many important topics regarding menopause like the dangers of endocrine disruptors like DES, to the emotional and generational traumas that are passed down from mother to fetus. But one topic of discussion that was different was how important it is to do the spiritual work for the inner-body. Our bodies are literally made up energy and when we take good care of our energy, it radiates. When we radiate, we are operating at a high vibrational frequency, and Teri puts a strong emphasis on this because many of us are not conscious enough of our energy. 

We need to constantly be conscious of what we are consuming, not just physically but mentally as well. Everything from the food we eat, to the water we drink, to the stuff we consume through our phones and computers, everything needs to have a meter! If one really wants to take a deeper dive into the world of inner-body work you should definitely check out Teri’ website and book, The Wildatarian Diet, sold everywhere books are available!

KEY TAKEAWAYS (with timestamps): 

  • [6:01] Teri’s secrets to longevity and biohacking
  • [10:14] R3 PROGRAM: Repattern, Restore, Reclaim
  • [14:14] How endocrine disruptors affects mid-life transition
  • [21:21] Operating at a high vibrational frequency is real health
  • [23:55] Consequences of endocrine disruptors through the decades
  • [31:13] Our inner-body is just as important as our outer-body



  •  “We’re getting to the root of what are genetic tendencies that can be sharks or minnows.”
  •  “When know that when a mother-to-be is under a state of emotional trauma, the mother will steal cortisol from the fetus.”
  • “We have massive shifts in puberty and we have massive shifts in menopause. And if our liver is not clear, we can’t detoxify those hormones.”
  • “Words carry frequency and what we associate those words with will bring our frequency back to us and, literally, in real time, affect our genes, affect our cellular function.”
  • “What happened during that time after millions and millions of doses were given, and then 7-8 year-old girls were showing up with vaginal cancers… boys with undescended testies.”
  • “The big endocrine disruptors, and I want to emphasize this to every listener. It is in our food supply, it is in our cosmetics, it’s in our water supply, it’s in the baby’s plastic toys…”
  •  “90% of the corn in the United States is genetically modified. 90% of the soy is genetically modified.”
  • “We know we have the ability to raise consciousness with thought alone. We know that meditation and prayer increases the immune system by 50% up to 5 hours. This is from the University of PA.”
  • “We all have the divine within us. Even with the reluctance, it shines through.”
  • “We’re here to teach. We’re here to empower. We’re here to inform. And we’re here to listen. You know, it has to be a two-way street. We learn from one another when we listen.”