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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Apr 18, 2023

Do you feel lost and alone facing menopause? Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we impart hope for women as they transition into the second spring of their life. Our guest today is Tamsen Fadal, an award-winning journalist, author, and advocate for menopausal women. In this episode, she shares her journey into menopause and breaks down how you can live with brain fog and develop confidence throughout menopause. 

Hot flashes are heavily associated with menopause, but Tamsen shares some overlooked symptoms that often get misdiagnosed as cognitive issues and mood disorders. The idea that women go crazy when menopause hits is because of the brain fog, anxiety, and forgetfulness that surfaces as women age. Tamsen reveals how she dealt with the anxiety, heart palpitations, and brain fog that overtook her when she was diagnosed with menopause and how her experience inspired her advocacy. 

Women no longer need to be worried about aging out of the workplace. Tamsen celebrates the shifting corporate cultures that are being adopted to support women during this difficult transition. She outlines how you can build confidence as your body adapts to new hormone levels so you can stay sharp at work, and embrace your body's new hormone levels. You are not alone in your struggle. Tamsen believes that through education and community, women can enter into menopause happy, joyful, and confident. Join us as we break down stereotypes and lay the foundation to streamline your menopausal transition.



[3:00] Tamsen’s journey with menopause 

[7:40] You are not alone 

[9:30] Brain fog in the workplace  

[13:00] Confidence in community 

[17:00] Traits of a natural transition 

[21:00] Self-love and confidence

[24:30] Dating in midlife 

[26:30] Sex after Menopause 

[30:00] Thriving in menopause 







“It’s less about the brain fog and more about the lack of confidence that the brain fog brings. When you go into a meeting and you can’t remember what you’re presenting or you don’t know what you’re saying on television, or you’re having a conversation with your boss and lose your train of thought, that just snaps your confidence.” [10:30] -Tamsen Fadal



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