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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Nov 11, 2021

Dr. Anna shares the story of her experience struggling with PTSD and the fear of losing everything she had worked so hard to build up over the years, and how, through those struggles, she discovered the power of being willing to receive as well as contribute and give back. Learn why oxytocin is the most powerful hormone of all and how living a life of contribution is the best life you can have.

  • [0:55] Community is healing. Being in a community increases oxytocin in the body which is the most powerful hormone responsible for the feeling of love and connection.
  • [2:15] Our energy, thoughts, and emotions are held in certain parts of the body. We usually associate oxytocin with the heart, which is why heartbreak is a common and easily understood emotion. It’s a physical as well as an emotional experience.
  • [3:45] Dr. Anna was in California last weekend where she spent some relaxing time at a spa. While she was there she met a chiropractor who helped Dr. Anna release some tension in her back and during the treatment they did muscle energy testing to identify the source of the tension.
  • [6:05] Dr. Anna tells the story of how her mother met her father, and how an early childhood experience of seeing her father lose his job impacted her. These memories came up during the treatment.
  • [8:25] In the summer of 2017, Dr. Anna was struggling with PTSD after her husband suffered a traumatic brain injury. She closed her practice and rented out her house, all while struggling with being a single mom and going into perimenopause.
  • [11:00] During that time, she had patients coming to her and asking for her help because doctors aren’t comfortable with customizing hormonal therapies. She couldn’t prescribe them medicine, but that was when she created Julva and brought the product to the market.
  • [13:50] That same fear of loss must have been what Dr. Anna’s mother felt after leaving the Middle East to marry her father. Sometimes we are hiding things from our children to protect them, but it can still bleed through.
  • [16:00] Hurricane Irma hit that September which was another devastating hit to Dr. Anna’s situation. The storm ruined the place she was staying with her family, and she was forced to turn to the church for support.
  • [19:00] After some incredible effort from members of the church in cleaning up the destruction, Dr. Anna opened her home to another single mom with kids who had lost virtually everything, and they lived together for several months.
  • [21:30] The more we contribute to others, the more good things we receive in our lives. After that period of time, Julva became a top selling product in the market.
  • [22:50] Blessings should be paid forward. The energy of oxytocin is life giving. Through contribution and the giving of ourselves, we can let go of fear and take the next right step.




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