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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Oct 10, 2023

Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we welcome Shawn Stevenson, a remarkable author, founder, and host of The Model Health Show. With a profound dedication to improving lives through evidence-based strategies, Stevenson stands at the forefront of the health and wellness field, guiding individuals toward optimal well-being through nutrition, fitness, and mindset. 

In this episode, Dr. Cabeca and Stevenson delve into the transformative power of family meals. Discover how weekly gatherings around the table can elevate nutrition, diminish obesity risks, and enhance mental well-being. Take a deep dive into the science of oxytocin and social connection. Learn how family meals foster healthy eating habits in children but also contribute to longevity, transcending the mere quality of food.

Remember that food is medicine, and so is the company you keep! It is ingrained in our genes to connect and share food. Join us to learn how to foster a strong family mealtime tradition that will impact you and generations to come!



[02:00] Eat Smarter Family Cookbook

[5:13] The impact of eating together as a family

[11:51] Stress-related illnesses and hormonal imbalance

[15:59] The negative effects of eating alone frequently

[18:41] Emphasizing progress over perfection 

[22:43] Inviting children to participate in meal preparation

[24:30] Definition of ultra-processed foods 

[30:48] Ultra-processed foods in America 

[32:08] Upgrading your diet

[37:00] Eating with a Purpose 

[44:30] The dangers of plastic containers and nonstick pans

[48:44] Creating a healthier culture for families and future generations



The Model Health Show

Eat Smarter Cookbook



"Families that eat together on a regular basis, consume significantly higher amounts of real whole foods, namely fruits and vegetables, and significantly less ultra-processed foods, namely chips, and soda." [3:16] -Shawn Stevenson

"Humans have been processing foods forever. All right. So cooking the food is processing that food, you know, taking a tomato and crushing it. And cooking it and making tomato sauce and or even just baking a sweet potato, right? You're cooking it is changing the chemical structure in interesting ways." [18:59] -Shawn Stevenson


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