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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Jun 21, 2022

On this week’s episode of the Girlfriend Doctor Show, we’re doing things a little differently. I attended the Women in Tech Global Summit 2022 in Paris, France. Under the High Patronage of Ms. Elizabeth Moreno, French Minister for Gender Equality, Diversity, and Equal Opportunities, the theme is ‘HERoes Shaping Tomorrow’, which celebrates women across the world who are the Shakers, Makers, and Innovators of our new society and economy.

The panel of speakers I was a part of consisted of high-caliber people and the talk revolved mainly around food supply and how the quality of our food has been gradually declining. Terri Cochran, a past guest here on the Girlfriend Doctor, emphasized how not only is the food quality decreasing, but the way in which we manage and waste it is slowly leading our manmade emissions here in our home, earth.

Overall, the discussion was very fun but also essential because we need to become more aware of our actions. 70% of food is actually wasted in the home, and though it may only seem like a waste of money, wasting food is also a huge contributor to climate change. We need to come together and find solutions to the problems humanity is facing, and it starts with discussions like these. Tune in to find out how we can overcome these global issues!


[10:30] Food storage and waste contributes to 35% of total manmade emissions

[13:24] Diabetes and obesity in the country is growing exponentially

[18:32] How Food Cloud is feeding the world

[22:04] We waste a lot of food and water

[22:54] Dr. Anna’s take on ‘Food is Everything’

[32:55] Becoming more conscious of food waste in the home


Teri Cochrane - CEO and Longevity Expert - Beyond Nutrition

John D. Bolten - Associate Program Manager - NASA Applied Sciences Program

Aoibheann O'Brien - Co-founder and Director of FoodCloud


  • “With the war in Ukraine right now with Russia, there’s many economic considerations; we’re seeing at our gas pumps… but more importantly… the number 1 country where we get our fertilizer ash from is Ukraine.”
  • “Food was everything to me because food was killing my son, and food has saved my son.”
  • “We need to look at the changing trajectory of our world because it is changing in an alarming rate and food systems sit in the center.”
  • “Food production storage and waste currently contributes to 35% of total manmade emissions that swarm at the transportation sector, and by the year 2050, will represent 70% of total emissions.”
  • “1 out of 4 persons in the US cannot meet the eligibility requirements for military service because of obesity alone. That’s a national security crisis.”
  • “1/3 of our global food is wasted and ¼ of our global water use goes to wasted food.”
  • “Our women in STEM can help fortify this food that becomes wasted then ends up landfills. We all have an emissions aspect to this. So I think this is one of the most brilliant solutions.”
  • “In my three decades of practicing medicine, I have seen an increase in infertility, ADHD, PSOS, and cancers, at an earlier and earlier age.”
  •  “It’s estimated that in order to sustain support for an additional 2.2 billion people, we’ll need to more than double our food production, unless we embrace the solutions that we’re talking about here.”
  •  “70% of food is actually wasted in the home. I know people think if I waste this, it’s a waste of money but it’s actually a major contribution to climate change and it’s the one thing that we can take action on three times a day.”

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