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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Oct 28, 2021

Halloween is essentially the beginning of an avalanche of sugar until the end of the year for most people, but if you’re not careful, you may be risking more than just rotting your teeth. Find out why sugar and stress is a deadly combination that you should definitely avoid, why the “diet” in diet soda is a cruel joke, and how you can ditch the toxic boyfriend known as sugar and start living the Keto Green lifestyle right now.

  • [0:10] This is the season of sugar consumption and stress, and that combination leads to a lot of acidity in your system. It’s time to break up with the toxic boyfriend that keeps on coming back, sugar.
  • [1:35] Halloween is known for sugar, sugar, sugar. And right after Halloween the holiday season starts up and with it comes the temptation to eat even more sugary treats. Unfortunately, stress and glucose together can be a deadly combination that creates acidity and inflammation throughout your body.
  • [3:25] Getting into the Keto green lifestyle is the secret to breaking up with sugar for good.
  • [4:00] Dr. Anna’s brothers were very into Halloween, and even as adults, still have Halloween parties now, but Dr. Anna is not so enthusiastic after a creepy interaction at the age of 11. Even with those differences between Dr. Anna and her brothers, their relationship with sugar has a familial factor.
  • [5:30] Dr. Anna has diabetes on both sides of her family, so she’s been extremely aware of those risks in her life. Type 2 diabetes is diet controlled and lifestyle based and it often results in Type 3 diabetes, also known as Alheimer’s and Dementia. The combination of sugar and cortisol is a timebomb waiting to happen.
  • [6:30] When Dr. Anna was on her healing journey around the world, she met a Native American shaman that recognized that she had high levels of sugar and acidity in her system and was surprised that Dr. Anna wasn’t suffering from cancer already.
  • [7:10] Keto Green is the opposite of sugar. It’s ketones and alkalinity, and when you’re in that state, you have the willpower to avoid sugar cravings.
  • [7:30] Sugar is so addictive because it directly affects the dopamine in your brain, which is the hormone of addiction. 100 years ago, we consumed an average of 10-15 grams of sugar per day. Modern humans consume 10 times that amount.
  • [8:15] Diet soda is a cruel joke. Just like sugar, artificial sweeteners trigger the same set of physiological processes. The worst thing is that artificial sweeteners will actually make you fatter. Studies on rats showed an association between consumption and incidents of metabolic syndromes like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.
  • [10:30] When your palate is cleansed, artificial sweeteners don’t taste good. Listen to what your taste buds are telling you.
  • [11:15] Eliminate aspartame from your diet completely. Dr. Anna helps people recover from the effects of artificial sweeteners because it’s a critical part of healing from the neurological effects.
  • [12:15] Whether you have the genetics for diabetes, you can reverse and improve your insulin response. Dr. Anna’s father suffered from type 2 diabetes for years, and the symptoms gradually changed him over time. After speaking with his doctor, Dr. Anna decided to take her father’s case on herself.
  • [16:10] Dr. Anna put her father on an early version of her Keto Green diet, took away three of his medications and added a few supplements to his regime. In 30 days, her father lost 30 pounds and went from injecting 120 units of insulin per day to 20 units, and he began to feel amazing.
  • [17:30] You are never too old to change things up in your life and your diet. Replacing sugar with healthy fats will transform your life.
  • [19:30] Don’t fall down the spiral of sugar addiction. Make strategic and healthy substitutes that taste great and empower you to avoid putting toxic sugar and artificial sweeteners in your body.
  • [20:30] Give your kids healthy options. When they are full and satiated, they aren’t going to want treats all the time. Give them reasons why the sugar isn’t good for them and give them healthy options that taste great.
  • [22:00] There is a lot going on in the world, but you can make a change by taking one step at a time. Write down what your next right step is, and then go take that step.




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