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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Apr 4, 2024

Ever wondered about the incredible transformations possible in health journeys? I'm thrilled to share this episode with you, where I dive deep into heartfelt stories and experiences that have shaped my journey as a doctor and a woman. You'll hear about the struggles and triumphs of my patients, from miraculous pregnancies against all odds to the empowering journey of reclaiming health and vitality.


Tune in to learn the importance of understanding our bodies, advocating for ourselves, and never giving up on our health goals. Whether you're dealing with hormonal imbalances or simply seeking inspiration for better health, this episode is for you. Let's embark on a journey of empowerment and transformation together!


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Key Takeaways:

[00:02:03] Joy in helping patients.

[00:02:58] A miraculous pregnancy journey.

[00:06:44] Fertility breakthroughs using holistic approaches.

[00:10:17] Empowerment through knowledge.

[00:13:39] The ripple effect of self-care.

Memorable Quotes:

"I am so proud of this client because she took ownership. She didn't take no for an answer. She did everything she had to do and just to create a healthier body." [00:04:02] – Dr. Anna Cabeca

"You are worth taking the necessary steps to make changes, no matter what diagnosis you've been given. Remember, your diagnosis is not your destiny." [00:14:49] – Dr. Anna Cabeca

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