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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Sep 19, 2023

Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we delve into the world of functional medicine with the incredible Dr. Filomena Trindade. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Trindade's holistic approach empowers patients to take control of their well-being. Her journey has been defined by a relentless commitment to helping patients unearth the answers to their most pressing health concerns. Dr. Trindade's approach is nothing short of revolutionary, as she champions a holistic, compassionate style of medicine that zeroes in on the root causes of ailments, all while empowering her patients to become the architects of their well-being.

Discover the vital link between adrenal health, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalances in women's health. Explore the benefits and controversies surrounding DHEA supplementation. Dive into Dr. Trindade's transformative healing retreats in the Azores. Learn about the exciting potential of ketamine for trauma therapy.

Take charge of your health journey with personalized medicine. Address root causes, embrace holistic healing, and embark on a path to a healthier, happier you.



[6:26] Connecting the dots in patient symptoms

[8:28] Comprehensive testing and early diagnosis

[11:01] Risk of dementia and cardiovascular disease

[15:14] Bioidentical hormonal therapy and vaginal estrogen

[17:16] DHEA supplementation for women

[24:12] Gut health and its connection to the brain.

[27:22] Trauma work and limbic system reset for healing

[33:09] Recognizing fight, flight, and freeze responses 

[35:42] Ketamine therapy for trauma treatment

[38:30] Finding the right treatment for each patient

[39:09] Foundation of functional medicine principles 





"I find more and more women that are insulin resistant younger and younger and it's the root cause I feel to the PCOS." [12:30] -Dr. Trindade


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