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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Aug 18, 2020

We’re celebrating four years of Julva today! This episode is a birthday party full of all the benefits Julva has for your vulva, sexual health, and libido! Listen for all the presents I have for you.

About Julva: The Summer of Love

This month marks four wonderful years with Julva! Julva is the all-natural, anti-aging cream for your delicate feminine parts that I spent years creating. This cream helps women reclaim their femininity, feel empowered in the sexuality, and repair damage to their prime real estate.

Julva helps with so many different health problems many women face as they get older. By applying just a fingertip of cream to your vulva, clitoris, and surrounding skin (what I love referring to as your prime real estate), you can relieve dryness, help with incontinence, and revitalize your entire approach to your sexual health.

Just read this incredible review from Margaret R:

“After going through menopause, a divorce, and two years of abstinence, the first time I had intercourse was excruciating. I felt terrified and heartbroken. I thought I would never have sex again and that my feminine aura was waning. And, then I said to myself “Google that sh*t“. Words like “vaginal atrophy“ and “calcified ovaries” mortified me. As I explored the topics, it struck me how many suffer from this both physically and emotionally and often resign themselves to either painful intercourse or no intercourse. It deeply distressed me to read the stories of women whose marriages suffered because they avoided intercourse. I was so relieved to have found Julva. I feel young, vital, and sexy. Thanks to Julva I am enjoying a full and satisfying sex life Sex does get better with age AND JULVA. Thank you, Dr. C!”

Julva is also recommended by doctors and oncologists to help women with vaginal dryness and vulva integrity while undergoing medical treatment. I would recommend you check with your doctor specifically if Julva is right for you.

You can use Julva independently, but it’s even more effective when combined with a healthy diet, supplementing where possible. When dealing with vaginal dryness, especially, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin C. I let you know exactly how much you should be looking for in your supplements.

Julva is full of all-natural ingredients, my favorite being the Alpine Rose, a perfect example of femininity as you age. You can see the entire list of ingredients on my website.

I also love to offer you a free 7-day trial of Julva, all you need to pay is shipping! Plus, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee for you to try Julva with no fear.

As always, you can ask me anything and let me hear your thoughts in the comments on the episode page. If you have questions, email


In This Episode:

  • How Julva can help with incontinence
  • What vulva problems Julva can help you with
  • What impact Julva can have with cancer patients
  • How much Vitamin C you should take every day for optimal vaginal health
  • All of the amazing ingredients in Julva



“Oncologists are recommending Julva to their patients. That to say with a big emphasis: If you have had any type of cancer, clear this with your oncologist first.” (14:21)

“We’ve seen a significant improvement overall in sexual intimacy, in the frequency of intercourse and comfort, and just overall improvement in the way they feel. That’s really part of the beauty of it.” (15:18)

“What we’ve seen in clients who use Julva with pelvic floor exercises combined is an improvement in sensation, improvement in orgasm, improvement in natural lubrication, a decrease in infections. When our tissue is healthier, it’s healthier.” (26:07)


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