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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Aug 11, 2020

Eating a diet completely devoid of vegetables sounds like a recipe for health disaster. But that’s what the carnivore diet is! My guest this week, Dr. Paul Saladino, is the author of The Carnivore Code and is thriving on a diet without veg.

About Paul Saladino, M.D.

Dr. Saladino is the leading authority on the science and application of the carnivore diet. He has used this diet to reverse autoimmunity, chronic inflammation, and mental health issues in hundreds of patients, many of whom had supposedly untreatable conditions. In addition to his personal podcast, Fundamental Health, he features on numerous podcasts including The Minimalists, The Model Health Show, Bulletproof Radio, The Dr. Gundry Podcast, The Ben Greenfield Podcast, Dr. Mercola, Health Theory, Mark Bell’s Power Project, and many others. He has also appeared on The Doctors TV show and authored the bestselling book, “The Carnivore Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health by Returning to our Ancestral Diet.”

Dr. Saladino completed his residency at the University of Washington. He attended medical school at the University of Arizona focusing on integrative medicine and nutritional biochemistry. Prior to medical school, Dr. Saladino worked as a physician assistant in cardiology. It was during this time that he saw first hand the shortcomings of mainstream Western medicine with its symptom-focused, pharmaceutical-based paradigm. He decided to return to medical school with the hope of better understanding the true roots of chronic disease and illness, and how to correct and reverse these. He now maintains a private practice in San Diego, California, and sees clients from all over the world virtually.

When he is not researching connections between nutritional biochemistry and chronic disease, you can find him in the ocean searching for the perfect wave, cultivating mindfulness, or spending time with friends and family.

About This Episode

Paul joins me to talk about his approach to healing our chronic health problems. For his whole life, Paul suffered from a pretty extreme eczema skin condition and tried everything to clear it up. It was only when his research led him to a diet high in animal products that he found any kind of relief.

Paul believes that a carnivorous diet is essential for optimal health. He talks about how plants are full of chemicals and biological defenses that make them bad for human health and consumption. 

Paul explains how you can get every vitamin necessary for optimal health from animal products. He shares exactly what the essential vitamins are and states that these vitamins are not readily available on an omnivorous or plant-based diet without supplementation.

Paul’s approach to the carnivore diet is top to tail, meaning you need to eat every single part of an animal. He’s a big proponent of organ meats, as am I, as these are very nutritionally dense food. 

He also explains what plant foods you should absolutely avoid at all costs, stating that cruciferous vegetables are some of the worst you can eat. Paul believes that some health conditions, like PCOS and fibroids, will improve dramatically if you cut out certain vegetables from your diet, too.

Finally, we talk about the role carbohydrates have in your diet. Do you need to completely eliminate them or can you eat them in a healthy way? It’s all about how you prepare these carbs.

Is the carnivore diet something you’d consider following? Have you found you’re sensitive to any types of veggies? As always, you can ask me anything and let me hear your thoughts in the comments on the episode page. If you have questions, email


In This Episode:

  • How many of our chronic health problems are linked to the food we eat
  • What the problem with eating plants can be
  • What vitamins are necessary for optimal immune function
  • Why you need to eat every part of an animal, including the organ meats
  • What plant foods you should absolutely avoid
  • How your long-term health conditions might improve by removing certain vegetables from your diet
  • What role carbohydrates should have in your diet



“If you look at where the nutrients we are getting come from, there are unique nutrients in things like the liver that are hard to obtain elsewhere.” (25:22)

“It’s really an incontrovertible argument, in my opinion, that animals are valuable in the land. We should select the best quality animals that are raised in the most well-meaning, intentional ways.” (29:58)


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