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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Mar 24, 2019

Whether you’ve never been in a long-term relationship, feel like you need to grab the next man you meet, or you’re finding your way back to life after a divorce, it’s never too late to find love. As our guest, Dr Diana Kirschner, explains, when you’re willing and ready to put yourself out there to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, miracles happen. The perfect mate for you is out there.

Dr. Diana is a psychologist and renowned love expert who has helped millions of people find their soulmate, written multiple books, and frequently appeared on TV programs to help the nation find love. Being born into a world where she wasn’t part of a loving family to finding and marrying her soulmate of 35 years, Dr. Diana is definitely someone to admire.

She attributes her healthy relationship to all the techniques that she uses in her newly re-released book, Love in 90 Days. These methods include falling deeply in love with yourself, mindful talking and listening exercises with your partner, and being intimate regularly. It’s about restoring our confidence and feeling so comfortable with who you are that your partner never wants to let you go.

In this episode, we’re talking about the rule of three and why you need to apply it to every aspect of your dating life. We share how to find the essence of who you are and the importance of renaming yourself. And, maybe most importantly, how you can live with love in your life every single day.

I share that after my divorce in 2010, a phrase I felt connected to was “I can’t go back, but I could have stayed in.” Dr. Diana explained to me why this type of thinking is counterproductive to healing after a divorce. And on top of this, why you should be on the lookout for an upgraded model of your ex, a “Jim+”, so to speak.

Have you recently gone through a divorce or breakup that’s left you reeling? Are you in love with yourself? How do you prioritize sex in your relationship?

In This Episode:

  • What the Rule of Three is and why it’s important to follow this when you first start dating
  • How you can learn who the essential YOU is and rename her
  • How you can rely on the same inner confidence you’ve had since you were a teenager
  • What the 8 habits of living love are
  • Why you should always prioritize sex with your partner
  • How you can practice listening to your partner for a healthier relationship
  • Where you can search for a new relationship


So even if you're 63, you are feeling like you're 18! You are programming yourself to be the Vivacious Vixen, right? You are dressing that, you are playing with that, and it works! It really, really, really works. And so what happens is you get all the wisdom of your age, but you also get all the youth and vitality which makes you unstoppable.” (9:30)

“The friendship is the basis of the whole thing. And if you're alienated, you don't know what's going on with each other. So you don't have the friendship. So you want to really make the friendship happen. And you don't know, so you need to hear. You really need to hear.” (17:19)

“There are a number of proven ways to heal heartbreak. Heartbreak actually causes pain in the physical part of the brain that registers physical pain. Like if someone punches you, that same part of the brain registers heartbreak. That's why it's so horrible.” (23:06)


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