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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Sep 1, 2020

If your body isn’t producing enough of the right digestive enzymes, you might need a little bit of help. Supplementing the enzymes you lack will help improve your digestion and overall health. I’m joined by Steven Wright, co-founder of The Healthy Gut Company, to talk about how he healed his gut issues by experimenting with enzymes.

About Steven Wright

Steve is an engineer who developed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to help combat the incredible digestion issues he had since he was 13 years old. Then, he ordered his first supplements and started his first diet, but by 23 he was crying daily in bloating pain. The panic attacks, depression, and constipation were threatening his “successful” life as a consultant.

After years of struggle, Steve discovered the secret to gut health and started the SCD diet with his co-founder, Jordan. They’ve now released their own strain of enzymes and give detailed plans of the SCD diet so that other people can feel the benefits of good gut health, too.

In this episode, Steve explains what the ancient power of enzymes is. We’re all born with a certain amount of enzymes in our bodies, but years of antibiotic use and poor food choices can lead to the enzymes not necessarily working as they should. Plus, as we age, the level of enzymes we’re born with inevitably declines, which leads to further problems with our digestive health.

Steve tells us what the signs of an enzyme deficiency are. From low energy and fatigue to food sensitivities and allergies, there are a number of symptoms that could be signs of this deficiency. Steve recommends that everyone should take a digestive enzyme supplement to combat these kinds of problems.

Our bodies have different types of enzymes that work to break down food. Enzymes start working as soon as food enters our mouths and they don’t stop until it leaves our systems. 

It’s because of all these different enzymes that should be present in our bodies from birth that Steve recommends taking a blended supplement. He lists some of his favorites before providing you his own enzyme blend, HoloZyme.

Finally, both Steve and I wholeheartedly recommend that you stop taking PPI medication. Proton-pump inhibitors are often prescribed by doctors to help reduce symptoms of too much acid in the stomach and you should take them for a maximum of 8 weeks!

How long have YOU been on PPIs? Do you think you might have a larger issue with digestive enzymes? As always, you can ask me anything and let me hear your thoughts in the comments on the episode page. If you have questions, email


In This Episode:

  • What the ancient power of enzymes is
  • What happens to our enzymes as we grow older
  • What the signs of enzyme deficiency are
  • How enzymes work to help your body break down food
  • What the blest blends of enzymes are
  • Why you should stop taking your PPI medication



“You can eat the best Keto-Green, the best organic, you literally could be spending thousands of dollars on your food and your supplements and if you can’t break them down into the molecule sizes that your gut needs to absorb them, you will, unfortunately, be putting them in the toilet.” (14:14)

“If you’re following Keto-Green, you’re getting a lot of minerals and you’re getting a lot of charges. That’s probably going to make your enzymes work better. But, if you don’t have an enzyme product that has an activation mineral blend in it, you’re essentially going to have to steal nutrients from either your food or your body to make the enzymes work.” (31:05)


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