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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Feb 24, 2019

When you’re going through menopause, gaining weight, suffering through hot flashes, and having trouble sleeping are just the tip of the iceberg. You’re probably feeling forgetful, anxious, and moodier than ever before. Not to mention your sex drive has probably gone kaput. It’s all over from here - or is it?

Fixing your hormone issues naturally sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not! Getting your hormones back on track is within your reach - all it takes is a little bit of determination and know-how. And I know you can do it.

In this solo episode, I’m sharing with you what makes my new book, The Hormone Fix, so special. It’s full of practical advice from years of my own personal experience fixing my hormones, plus working with thousands of women to support them through menopause.

These methods work, plain and simple.

I’m excited to share with you what my book is about, but most importantly, why it exists. Thank you so, so much to all my friends, family, fans, and clients - without YOU, I wouldn’t be here writing this book. I appreciate you all so very much.

Throughout the episode, I’m reading excerpts from The Hormone Fix to tell you what my story is and why I started on this journey. You’ll learn what the diet plans in the book are and why I’ve developed them specifically to help guide you through menopause. And how these diet and lifestyle changes helped to heal my daughter from a young age.

Do you want more energy? Are you having trouble losing weight or keeping the pounds off? Do you wish you had a clear head, instead of this constant brain fog?

In This Episode:

  • My personal story and why I started trying to fix my hormones
  • Why I’m eternally grateful for my clients
  • What my new book, The Hormone Fix, is about and how it can help you
  • How going through menopause doesn’t have to be the end of your libido
  • Why you’re probably feeling tired and hot all the time once you hit menopause
  • What hope is out there to help you through your menopausal years and beyond
  • How The Hormone Fix can help you live a longer, healthier life
  • What diet and lifestyle plans are included in The Hormone Fix


“So I know that moment when you're ready to do anything. You want things fixed - now! But you may also have lost hope that it is still even possible.” (9:58)

“I know this because I often meet women after they've tried everything else and have gotten fed up with their medical care and yet still haven't given up given up hope. And I also know what you're going through because I've been in this terrible place twice.” (12:02)

“With The Hormone Fix, you'll be well on your way to slimming down, feeling more energized, and enjoying clearer thinking.” (22:22)


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